November 17, 2009

Where the Ocean Ends

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I live in the centre of the UK, which means the sea is a good trek in any one direction. Fortunately the metaverse allows for a breath of ocean air, and with plentiful shopping opportunities along the cliffsides I didn’t even need to concern myself with walking across a shingled beach.

Let’s start with the hair (largely because I’ll burst if I don’t rave immediately): I was incredibly impressed with this weather-worn style from Exile, which has everything from a great shape to glorious textures. The style works from a side parting, the hair blown heavy across the right side of the face, wisps flying free while the main body of hair holds reasonably firm to frame the face. I am besotted with the expert use of flexi-prims to the front, which give a bouncy movement that finishes the style perfectly. Kavar Cleanslate certainly understands the nuances of creating funky but realistic styles, including the use of great textures. The darker shades really don’t do his hairs justice – I recommend medium or lighter tones for a real ‘wow’ factor.

I’m also itching to tell you about Tuli’s new skin line, Bella. I often have to tweak my shape to get the most from a skin, and there was no exception in this instance, but it really was worth the effort. The face is quite enchanting – I preferred the red brows with my choice of hair colour and also to compliment the makeup, but you will also find brown and light brow options included. The features are very realistic, highlights and lowlights well defined and tiny blemishes here and there giving a real depth. I especially like the subtle lines to either side of the mouth, offering more than a suggestion of expression. I did find the shading under the lower lip a little dark at first, giving rise to a fear of the lips bleeding, but in honesty the more I look the more I love every aspect.

I paired with eyes from PixelDolls. I only picked these up a few days ago, but they go perfectly with a realistic skin because of the vein marbling on the eye whites. It’s not at all overdone and compliments the shiny pupils which have just enough of a reflection on them to really draw attention.

When I finally got used to the idea of getting dressed (Tuli does a lovely body, so if you’re not going to share then you should at least spend some time admiring it yourself), I picked out some unseasonal but beautiful pieces that seemed to fit the base look. The bolero is from an outfit by MichaMi and is done in a closely woven tweed, cropped to the front and back with a double button fastening below the throat. This is the sort of piece that suits an all-season wardrobe – pair with long sleeves for winter or pop on over a summer top to keep the chill off.

The shirt is from Mischief, a crossover wrap design with a closed back. While I do love this shirt and think the front is convincing, be warned that the side seams are stark (I believe this is an older design). The sheer material demanded I protect my modesty, so I chose one of my many pieces of Insolence lingerie to compliment. Delores is a soft cup triangle style made in a delicate lace that is just as beautiful when glimpsed through clothing. I am a devotee to Camilla Yosuke’s underwear, and even though usually I may be the only one who knows I have it on, I still think it’s an elegant luxury every woman should afford herself.

The skirt is something I picked out from Nyte’N’Day. I was rather taken with the floral pattern as I’m very much of the opinion that there really aren’t enough print items inworld. This is designed in a tiered style, the layered effect working well with movement – it’s scripted so that you can position it to lay nicely when your avatar is seated, although you can wear a non-script version if you prefer. I dressed the waist with a simple buckle belt from the MNK store – this was a group gift a little while back, and doesn’t seem to be available in store, but can easily be swapped out for something similar.

I accessorised with a pretty neckerchief from Decoy. It’s got a great shape to it, the material laying wide to the right and pinching to a knot at the left, with short loose ends. I did tint to match the bracelet and shoes I’m wearing.

The bracelet is one I’ve previously blogged for Lookr. Siyu Suen’s creations always grab my attention, and Orinthia is in my opinion one of her best pieces of jewellery to date. The bangle tapers back from a cabochon gemstone, the metal twisted into delicate swirls throughout. It’s ornate enough to be interesting without any pretention, and the metal and stone colour change feature gives you countless options to make it excellent value for money.

I finished with shoes are from Shiny Things: fittingly I chose the Tuli pumps, which are simple round-toe heels decorated with a large bow to the front that gives an indulgently girlie feel. The shape is excellent with heels locking solidly to the back, with a lovely leather texture that shimmers with highlights to the toes and heels.


Scarf: Decoy, Mraz Scarf – Sand (tinted)
Jacket: MichaMi, Pippa Bolero
Shirt: Michief, Splendor Wrap – White
Bra: Insolence, Dolores – White
Skirt: Nyte’N’Day, Vestige Skirt – Light Floral
Belt: MNK*Shop, White Belt – Nikukyu
Shoes: Shiny Things, Tuli Pumps – Blush


Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Eyes, Adorable – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Hair: Exile, Maren – Sambuca
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Cocoa
Skin: Tuli, Bella (Pale/red) – VIP Exclusive
Poses: Reel Expression, Sex Sells 01
LAP, CC – Bringin It

As usual, I touched up the lighting in photoshop. Unedited picture on Flickr.


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