November 21, 2009

Puss in Boots

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The virtues of dressing well to win grace, favour and even your fairytale romance are so often a part of the stories we hear as children. The lesson was never lost on me: presentation certainly affects how others view us.

As soon as I put Siddean Munro’s fabulous overknee boots, I knew that whatever else I wore would need to work around them. Cuffed with a buckled strap just below the knee, these long boots glide down the leg, shaping the foot in a toe-crunching slope. I adore the silver sheather heel and accentuated curve to the back – not only is the shape delectable, but you’ll also appreciate the finer details, from the shimmer of the leather to the inner-leg zips. SLink footwear always demonstrates excellent attention to detail, and you can see for yourself by purchasing a demo in store.

To ensure eyes are properly directed, I decided on a pair of patterned tights from Sheer, one of my favourite hosiery stores. The legs on Sheer products are thoughtfully crafted with just the right shimmer and shine, and since Sh Oluja treats seams with the respect they deserve, your pins will look fabulous no matter which designs you favour.

Up top, I’m wearing a pretty jacket from Phoenix Rising’s collection. The open style is fringed with black lace, buttoned above the stomach and secured with a double leather belt. The puff sleeves are decorated with ribbon and drawn tight to the arms as they finish, adding a sense of indulgence that isn’t lost on those looking. Beneath I chose a feminine but demure blouse from Pink Outfitters. The sheer fabric is detailed with stiff ruffles that extend across the chest and line the buttoned breast, reaching around the neck in an upright collar. It’s quite lovely in its own right, but is really set off by the right accompaniments.

I found the skirt at Narwhal and must say that I was rather impressed by the fit and finish. I don’t always like skirts that use a prim ‘flap’ between the legs, largely because they tend to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. This one really doesn’t, at least not on my shape. While there’s a little lift in some poses, if you have a slender build I think you’ll find it a good fit and notice that the texture has been very well matched. I love the high waist and the suspender straps to the body (hidden here), the dark denim featuring stitched pocket detail and buttons to the front.

The skin is by Belleza, from the Belle line which still looks just as good as when I originally bought it. This makeup is a particular favourite, the creamy skin setting off the silky lips and smokey eyes. The face is defined without being overdone, strong but well-shaped brows working well here with Calla’s Flutterby lashes, which sweep to the outer eye to balance. I’m wearing eyes by Curio from the Tragic series, which I love for their distinctive colours as well as their depth and luminance. I think I own every colour, and you may wish to similarly indulge – they’re really rather enthralling.

The hair is a style I picked up from Truth – I must say I’m not a huge fan of overcrowded stores (darn you, sir, for having so much custom!) but if you can find a quieter time to visit then it’s worth a little lag and slow load times as the hair really is very well done. Ana is an easy to wear short style, a considered parting to the front frames the face nicely, tucking behind the left ear and falling in natural waves throughout. The uneven ends compliment the look, with careful use of flexis adding just enough movement to make this work. This is the sort of style that carries through from morning to night and is definitely worth having in your inventory.


Jacket: Phoenix Rising, Facade – Rose
Blouse: Pink Outfitters, Poppy Sheer
Skirt: Narwhal, High Waist Super Skirt
Tights: Sheer, Tights 18 Waves – Black
Boots: SLink, Sydney Overknee Boot – Black
Bracelets: Kraftika, No 306 Bracelets (R)
Sakka’s Studio, Bracelet – Leather and Silver (L)


Hair: Truth, Ana – Chestnut
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Hazel (Shine)
Eyelashes: Calla, Flutterby
Skin: Belleza, Belle Pale – Smokey Mocha
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Cocoa
Poses: Ks2cool, Pose 56-60
LAP, CC – Seduction


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