November 30, 2009


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The experience offered by travel is invigorating, and when you’ve been standing still for a long time there is something particularly refreshing about stepping out into the world and spending some time discovering, and perhaps even finding your natural order in things.

I love the folksy, floral appeal of this cardigan from Kurotsubaki, which really inspired this look. The texturing is done in such a way that this really does look like something that’s been around a while and handed on through the generations – it’s not the smartest thing you’ll ever purchase, but really that’s the whole point. This is unfussy and artfully shapeless, the fabric falling from the chest with an uneven cut the whole way around. If you’re a boho type you’ll definitely appreciate this. It’s worth noting that the seams are a little out of sorts at the shoulders, but if it bothers you they can easily be concealed with a generous scarf.

To add a little pomp to my outfit, I layered with a fetching blouse I found on a visit to Hal*Hina. It’s simply done with emphasis in all the right places: the stretch of the fabric where the buttons fasten, the puffed sleeves artfully runched to a close at the wrists, and a wonderfully decadent collar complete with layers of faded lace ruffle. I love the muted colour as much as anything, ideal with the other elements of this style.

Casual trousers can be a little dull, but this pair from Miel certainly buck that particular trend. With a knotted waist band that folds back from the trouser tops, there’s a level of detail and artistry to these that makes me quite giddy with glee: it’s exactly how Mika Nieuport has earnt herself a throng of screaming groupies, and I would unashamedly join them in their songs of praise. The legs are loose and wide with roomy pockets for your travelling accoutrements, and should you prefer less of a grasping cuff, there is a loose banded version included which is just as well executed as the rest of the piece.

Walking long distances ought to require a flat and comfortable shoe, but then my mother did warn me that a woman must suffer in the name of fashion, and so may my blisters be a badge of honour to the cause. These are an older pair of boots from Maitreya, with a particularly thin body and wickedly angled sole. The footshape is slightly peculiar but in truth I pay far more attention to the rich suede texturing and the shape of the leg, the boots sitting in a loose ruffle with buckle detail to the side.

I wanted a healthy glow to my skin without going overboard, so I opted for Tuli’s Bella. The body is done to Tuli Asturias’s usual high standard with each makeup offering multiple brow and cleavage options. I’m wearing the Gogo makeup, with shimmering lips and thickly lined eyes. It’s a day look with some added drama, emphasised by lighter lids and then played right down again with the freckle-dashed and rather ruddied face. I rather like the characteristics of this skin, including softly drawn moles and a little pock on the upper lip among other purposeful flaws. As this is not a ‘perfect’ skin it may not be to everyone’s taste, so it’s prudent to look at the demos before you buy (but you do that anyway, of course?).

The hairstyle plays to both skin and the outfit in colour and style. It’s a casual half-ponytail from Truth, with parted fringe falling to uneven lengths at either side and the upper sections swept back and knotted on themselves, tumbling down to meet the main body of hair to the back. It’s an easy style to wear and is beautifully textured to boot.

Cardigan: Kurotsubaki, Used Flower Cardigan – Brown
Blouse: Hal*Hina, Cotton Blouse – Lace 01 – Khaki
Trousers: Miel, Mo Pocket Pants – Driftwood
Boots: Maitreya, Bloom Boots – Brown
Earrings: Dark Mouse, Retro Glamour Earrings – Silver

Hair: Truth, Belinda – Caramel
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown
Eyelashes: Symphony Skins, Sculpted Lashes
Skin: Tuli, Bella (pale/br) – Gogo
Poses: LAP, CC – Yup
Ks2cool, 33-40, 13-12



  1. I’m loving this look!

  2. Fayne Khandr said,

    Thank you. It’s pretty simply put together but then the best ones often are 🙂

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  4. […] skin is Tuli’s Bella with Gogo makeup, which I previously used in my Wanderlust post. The eyes have a lot of liner which is played down a little behind the shades here, leaving […]

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