December 7, 2009

Let it Rain

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Sometimes I wish the weather was a little livlier in Second Life. I found this umbrella at Creamshop while a storm was raging outside, and as such I felt it a prudent purchase. The execution is very good, the texturing and framework working together for great effect. There are a number of colours available, but I think this white one is good for mixing and matching with various outfits, with the added bonus of some interesting mottling depending on your windlight settings. Your brolly comes full of animations to play, and can be held open or closed as desired. This makes for an unusual AO or a great photography prop.

The cardigan is something I picked up at Tart, and it’s really well put together. It comes with a ‘perky’ version if you’re so inclined, but this girl prefers to keep her assets (largely) hidden, so I opted for the standard style. It draws low to the neck with a few buttons fastened, opening out again to the bottom. The sleeves are softly puffed around the lower arm, drawing back to a wide cuff quite low on the hand. The sculpts are well done, and to draw a little more attention to them I also put on a pair of half-hand gloves from Emery.

I wanted to fill the neckline a little more, so layered with a set from Insolence. While Clara is definitely lingerie, when peeping through like this you can certainly get away with it being outerwear. Camilla Yosuke is undoubtedly one of the finest SL has to offer by way of creators who concentrate on our underthings, and the detailing on this set is by no means any exception. This bodice is made of runched silk with lace trim and central stringing for some added glamour: even just a peep of it is rather suggestive, but completely tasteful at the same time.

The skirt is part of a dress from StoRin – the complete outfit is in itself very nice as a party dress, but for this look, the skirt alone was absolutely perfect. It’s a floaty style, the prim poufing enough to mean it doesn’t tear into your body at every available opportunity (at least I found this to be the case with my shape and the majority of poses). It’s beutifully textured with crease lines to suggest a tightening of fabric all around the waist, with appropriate shading throughout to give a good suggestion of wave to the material.

I overlaid the skirt with a belt purchased from Artilleri, which will doubtless be used again elsewhere. It has a soft snakeskin texture, curving up from behind the button fixing and wrapping a little wider around the waist. The effect is wonderfully slimming, accentuating a waspish middle.

I covered my legs in Insolence nylons. As I’ve already openly confessed my love of Camilla’s work I won’t rave too much more: as you can see, the texturing of her tights is equally as good as that of her lingerie. The shimmer effect on the legs is delectable, making skin coverage even more attractive than flashing your pins.

While there are a number of fantastic winter boots available at the moment, I was drawn to this pair from Tesla. Stopping just below the knee, these sturdy stilettos feature a prominent zip to the inner leg and laced leather strapping to the back. Exquisitely pointy at the toe, these have a crumpled leather look that gives them a worn and loved feel that’s missing from the majority of straight-leg boots. Demos are available in store so you don’t just have to take my word for it.

For a contrasting accent, I chose a necklace is from Illusions. This is another of Siyu Suen’s masterpieces, created as a floral wreath which can be both glamorous or casual depending on how you dress it. The shape of the leaves and petals is (dare I say) perfect, paired with highly detailed textures that really make this pop. The necklace is scripted so can be coloured to suit – it’s one part of a very beautiful set which is well worth a look.

Hair is by ETD and it’s an older style that I still adore. Laine is one of those dos that seems to waft, with strands of hair floating throughout to give a look of nonchalance despite the careful styling. A side parted fringe falls most heavily to the left side, the hair pulled back and pinned in a dissembling bun to the back. A thick band flattens it to the top, providing a colour-change accessory that can be matched to your outfit.

I should of course mention the skin: another of Tricky Boucher’s recent lines, Belle is a definite favourite in my inventory. This smokey eye makeup sits beautifully with the Whispy lashes from Calla. I really do love Tigerlily Koi’s eyelashes – not only does she stock some very varied looks, but I found them all extremely easy to fit. These work especially well with eyelined skins, giving an extra kick.

Cardigan: Tart, Sexy Cardigan – Gray
Top: Insolence, Clara – Black (part of an outfit)
Skirt: StoRin, Flowey Skirt – Grey/Purple (part of an outfit)
Boots: Tesla, Angelina – Black
Necklace: Illusions, Varda Rose Necklace
Gloves: Emery, Gloves – Black
Belt: Artilleri, Snakeskin Sash Belt – Black
Tights: Insolence, Carmen Shiny Pantyhose – Medium Grey

Hair: ETD, Laine – Chestnut Faded
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes, Ice Blue (Shine)
Eyelashes: Calla, Lashes Set 2 – Whispy
Skins: Belleza, Belle Pale – Smokey Cherries
Poses: ChereeMotion, CM Pinup 0038
Ks2cool, Poses 13-20
CnS, Female Fashion 16


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