December 21, 2009

Gender Nectar

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This look was inspired by the new release for 5th & Oxford. I received a review copy from Roslin Petion and had some fun working a style around it. As the name ‘Rebel’ infers, the skirt and halter top have a suitably edgy feel to them – the halter stretches across the skin, held with straps up and around the neck with a low, cutaway back. Fine beading detail at the front creates a wide shape across the chest, the cropped hem neatly sewn for a tidy finish. I covered up a little by adding a jacket from Acid & Mala; I was first drawn to the wide, stiff collar – an even more prominent version is included if this isn’t quite Harry Hill enough for you – but I like the dual stripe running on the horizontal across the chest, along with the soft texture detailing and the zipper halves that run to either side.

The skirt is a denim mini available in five different shades to suit. You have the option to wear with or without the belt, and can also find the belt as its own separate attachment if you wanted to reuse with another outfit. Things like this immediately earn Brownie points with me as more layers and options mean more value for money, which can never be a bad thing. The prim flap wasnt difficult to fit and the belt was well-shaped for my av; it’s a simply styled strap with double eyelets and pronged silver buckle, the sort of thing that would go well with plenty of other casual styles.

I popped on some socks from Eclectic. They’re very reasonably priced, especially if you pick up the fatpack – the odd length look really appeals to me (I don’t know about you, but my sock elastic always seems more forgiving on one leg than the other, but maybe I just walk funny) and the ragged ladders and holes give a little extra interest. Just so you’re aware, there is a tiny mismatch on the seams, but nothing that should cause any bother.

These new ankle boots from Kalnins were just the thing for my feet. These round-toe stilettos are cut from several pieces of leather, brought together with internal stitching for a smooth outer finish. The cuff splits in a stylised curve on either side, meeting above the first of three buckle straps which layer up to decorate the ankle. Aside from these being very nicely put together, as with most of Kalnin’s footwear you can oactivate a colour-change HUD that allows the straps, buckle parts and leather to be matched to your outfit. Some preselected colour schemes are included, but you can save over these with your own if you choose to.

Rather than blinging out, I decided to keep accessories to a minimum and chose a silver necklace from Essentia. It’s a comfortably weighty piece comprising collections of intertwined metal rings threaded together with single hoops, sitting close to the throat. You could try a lengthier piece around the neck with this style, but that would probably need balancing with something on the wrists, or at the very least a sizeable ring.

For hair I picked one of Truth’s recent releases to give a punch to this look. Truth Hawks has a knack for styling, producing a diverse range of dos that cover pretty much any occasion and any taste – undoubtedly why he’s so darn popular. Pamela is a rock reveller’s dream, a mass of hair pulled up from the back to the top of the head, left to fall open and down on itself to create a splayed cascade, with a wall of hair to the back and stepped waves showing at the front. The style parts with a single curl at the centre, the fringe parting concealed beneath another flick of hair to the front, a long fringe sweeping over the right side of the face.

The skin I’m featuring was a recent Exodi group gift, but if you haven’t already picked it up then you should definitely have a look at the other Sienna makeups available in store. Ryker Beck has done a sterling job with this skin, a smooth complexion that has enough detail not to look overly airbrushed, with balanced toning throughout. The face is always the most important aspect of a skin for me, and Sienna doesn’t disappoint: shadows and highlights create definition to compliment the body shape, with blush laid under the cheek to accentuate the bone structure. The lips are beautifully shaped and coloured, glossy but not to an excess, with glittering shadow and painted highlights to the inner eye to really bring them to life. I opted for dark eyes and unfussy lashes to compliment.

Jacket: Acid & Mala, Zipped Jacket – Black/Cyan
Halter, Skirt and Belt: 5th & Oxford, Rebel Halter – Gray
Skirt and Belt: 5th & Oxford, Rebel Mini – Asphalt
Socks: Eclectic Apparel and Accessories, Ruined Socks – Grey
Boots: Kalnins, Digna
Necklace: Essentia, Byzantine Neckalce – Silver

Hair: Truth, Pamela – Toffee
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Glow Studio, Innocent – Pure
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver/Pink
Skin: Exodi, Sienna Vivante – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Dk)
Poses: Ks2Cool, Pose 40-40, 69-70, 78-80


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