December 21, 2009

Threads for the Nymphette

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Gospel Voom has wooed me again with his latest release of ‘Prim Wair’. Ladies, you now have virtual DMs – with an innovative twist to change the way you look at your footwear. These boots really do need to be seen to be believed: they’re artfully scripted by Elpis Oh to make three pairs in one, morphing before your eyes from one shape to another. My eyes almost popped when I saw this, and I proceeded to spend ten minutes staring at the screen in an open-mouthed stupor clicking between each incarnation, then TPing around to my buddies to allow them to do the same.

The three styles have their own different character: Pristine Docs for a straight out of the box, nicey-nice neat and tidy look, Loose for those who’ve had the boots a while and have embraced the nonchalant grunge subculture, and the Abused for those who are seasoned Docs wearers and know better than to lace every time they put the boots on, or to worry too much about how much of a beating these babies can handle. The detailing on each boot is superb with everything from the moulding on the leather to the seaming and trademark sole stitch refined to a tee: the texturing itself offers lighting effects to a level of realism rarely seen on the grid. This is prim art you can legitimately flash about without seeming pretentious.

If this wasn’t enough to grab your attention, take note that there are nine colours available, and once you’ve purchased one set of Gos’s Docs, you can simply buy tins of polish from the store to chage colours – boots, laces and eyelets. Once you’ve got multiple colours, you can mix and match the elements to taste. For further customisation buy toe polish and flag yourself as a proud nationalist. The colourings are a fraction of the price of the boots, making these an absolute steal for the Lindens. I strongly suggest you get yourself over to the store this very instant and try these for yourself.

Standing back from the boots, the outfit is based around this cute denim romper from Kunglers. It’s beautifully made, hanging from suspenders that button below the chest, drawing the body in to a long bodice section with flared cuff shorts to finish. I love the deep pockets to the front, which seem to invite an abundance of Lolita-esque body language: definace as much as charm to be had here. This particular colour has an extra vibrance about it that I felt suited this look perfectly, but there are other options available.

Beneath I’m wearing part of a sweater from This store is fantastic for mix and match basics of good quality, not without the detail or primwork you’d expect to find. As it’s a little frosty outside, I bundled up with a scarf and some fingerless mittens from Reek. These are superbly tailored, the scarf wrapping tightly with short excess falling both above and below the neck fold, trimmed with little tassels. The gloves are knit to the same style, with generous cuffs and mitten finish. The gloves are worn fingerless, the rounded sheath pinned down to the back of the hand with a single button to hold. As a set these really stand out, and can also be paired with the hair/hat combination from Reek and Tiny Bird that I’ve previously blogged.

The tights are actually a pair of leggings I picked up at Kookie. The scattered florals give these some character, with a rough texturing to the main that makes them feel substancial enough to fend off the cold. The seams don’t match, but it’s not unexpected from a pattern like this: it’s not offputting in my mind.

For a fresh and youthful face I can definitely recommend the new skins from L.Fauna. These seem to be completely hand drawn, and they have quite a brushed effect to them which is actually rather endearing to my mind. Launa has done a brilliant job with the shading and detail on these: the body is as pretty as the face, which captures a doll-like beauty especially well if you pick a lighter shade than the one I’ve opted for. My favourite feature on Launa’s new skin line is undoubtedly the lips – they are well defined and softly pulled to the corners for a dreamy half-smile that I could become quite narcissistic about.

For a young, fun do with a grownup twist, you can’t do much better than the Kenzie style from Truth. These are pigtails done to perfection, the hair parted and split in loose sections that draw to the back around a combed back pouf to the top of the head. The hair knots back on itself to secure each bunch, tumbling beneath the binds in a mass of gorgeous waves. The whole thing is rather voluminious but exceptionally pretty: if you dress it properly you’re sure to invoke just the right amount of silent envy from your peers.

I accessorised with a hairband from Slow Kitchen. This beaded headband circles the head in a criss-cross of leather, strung with beads and silver hoops, falling to two tails to the right side that end with colourful feathers. Do be aware that it is very basically textured, and I did mod quite heavily for it to sit under the hair to my liking: there are lots of separate mini parts, so it can be a little painstaking if you’re not that comfortable playing with prims. Having said all this, it’s ridiculously cheap and really rather fun, so I didn’t feel put out about it.

Jumper:, Ballet Sweater – Copper
Romper: Kunglers, Jordyn – Marine
Tights: Kookie, Cherry Leggings – Light Brown
Boots: Gos, Docs, 8 Hole F – (Using Black, Brown, Pewter and Red polish combinations)
Headband: Slow Kitchen, Hippie Band – Warm (heavily edited)
Scarf: Reek, Cozy Scarf – Beige
Mittens: Reek, Cozy Mittens – Beige

Hair: Truth, Kenzie – Chestnut
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Hazel (Shine)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio, Innocent – Pure
Skin: L.Fauna, Lapine Tan 1 – Fresh
Poses: PDA, Black Wave / Bad Vibrations
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  1. […] or go for a different shape on each foot (abused and pristine here). You can see ‘Threads for the Nymphette‘ for more on the Docs, or keep an eye on Flickr for some extra serving […]

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