December 23, 2009

Shoulder the Sky

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No sooner had I blogged a pair of my favourite Veschi pants the other day than I find out that designer Alla Ruff has released a whole new collection. I adore the new pieces and was tempted to deck myself out completely in Veschi goodness; while I refrained this time you’re likely to see new goodies filtering through in the next few posts.

One of my favourites is this fitted coat which has been beautifully sculpted and textured: I always think it’s a testament to the designer when the lighter colours of a garment look so good. Time and attention has been lavished on every part of this jacket, creating something so convincing that you’ll have everyone you pass doing a double take on your av. The tailoring really is exquisite, everything from the angled shoulders and slightly slumped sleeves to the flared skirt and rolled down hood, the material sumptuously folded. Ribbon ties run through large eyelets to join the neck and waist loosely, with matching cords around the wrist. Each one can be colour changed independently to allow you to customise to whatever you’re wearing. Fabulous stuff.

I’ve been going through a lot of sweaters lately, but I’m always up against the problem of finding ones that are available on all layers. **DP**yumyum came up trumps with this slouch-neck which has an almost velvet sheen to it in the right lighting. It’s wonderfully light and thin, that detail picked up in the texturing as much as the collar, so whether you wear as a standalone or more the way I have you’ll still be pleased with the results. I layered over a top from Surf Couture, a stripey tank that introduces another colour into the mix and stops everything from being left a bit flat.

I found these trousers at Sprawl, which is a recent ‘new to me’ store. It has a good collection of urban clothing, with some slightly smarter pieces among the casuals. This pair are fastened with a central black button at the waist, tight to the knee where they graduate to a flare which bells out at the end. The tailoring is neat with subtle but effective detail, making these a good wardrobe staple.

These booties are an older pair from Camilla Yosuke of Insolence; a suede round-toe stiletto with cuff folded flat down to the front and leather strap running beneath, a small buckle on the outside to finish. These are great for wearing under long-leg trousers like these, just peeping out beneath.

Autumn Hykova has been making some lovely styles lately, but even the older dos at Tiny Bird deserve a mention. Beu is fun and fresh, the hair kicking out and curling in at opposing angles to create an unusual but interesting silhouette while still managing to maintain a shape that frames the face. The fringe opens up the left side, drawing down to lightly conceal the right eye. It’s accessorised with a spotted feather clip fanning to the side.

The skin is a preview of Tuli’s upcoming release and is only available to group members – there is a fee to join, but it’s far less than the cost of a standard single skin, and the group gifts are usually exclusive makeups anyway. Eva really suited my shape so I didn’t need to make any tweaks: the body is smooth and well-defined, and the face is very pretty, featuring natural, full lips that I am really taken by, with plenty of detail in shadow and highlights across the face. This makeup offers a bright but Wintry look lit by a silver shimmer either side of the nose and over the eyelids, with thick liner to dramatise and peachy cheeks for a perfect flush.

I do always credit poses, but from time to time I like to make a point of a more noteable mention. Annah Whitfield from StoRin sent me a review pack of her latest pose set which I’m really taken with. There are some really cute stands for showing off your clothes, many offering a good illusion of movement and some personality which is quite difficult to instill in a static pose. If you’re the type of girl who is always diving in front of the camera lens to model the latest and greatest trends on the grid, then there’s definitely room in your inventory for these. As always your no-fare taxi is available below.

Coat: Veschi, No Strings Attached Jacket – Light Brown
Top: Surf Couture, Racerback Striped Tank – Tan/Light Blue
Sweater: **DP**yumyum, Simple Long T – Gray
Trousers: Sprawl, The Ambition – Concrete
Boots: Insolence, Charlotte Low Boots – Grey

Hair: Tiny Bird, Bea – Chocolate
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Hazel (Shine)
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver/Pink
Skin: Tuli, Eva – Tone 3 (Br)
Poses: StoRin, P17 – Catalogue 04, 02, 07


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