December 24, 2009

As Festive as it Gets

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Hello Boys.

Yes, you’re on the right blog. Once you’re done with the “ho, ho, ho” I’d kindly remind you that Christmas stockings are quite the tradition, and it’s one I intend to uphold for the festive season.

Camilla Yosuke of Insolence kindly sent me her latest lingerie set for review. While I don’t usually stalk the grid in my underthings, in the privacy of my own diamond room (more on that later) I feel quite within my rights. Besides, I’m a closet admirer of all the lacy negligee Insolence has to offer, so it would seem foolish not to use this as an excuse to make an exhibition of myself.

Deborah is an exquisite combination of embroidered satin overlaid with lace in a set that comprises bra, knickers, suspender belt and four pairs of stockings. It was difficult to pick from the six colours, but (black and) red felt the most festive, so that’s what you’re looking at. The bra’s floral balconette cups offer good coverage, the lace trim creating a tiny edge to the lower side and a more generous scallop across the breasts. Slver bows fix the cups to the straps with a central ribbon to keep consistency: this is mimicked on the suspender belt and knickers which also feature front lace panels linked to more satin, the high-leg panties concealing enough of your behind to stay sexy without giving everything away. As you would expect from a seamstress with years of experience in virtual underwear, the detailing is immense and immaculate. For the record they are transferable, so you may want to put in last minute orders with your nearest and dearest if you’re smitten.

If you’re indulging in the lingerie department, you may as well go the whole hog and locate a good stage for your modelling shennanigans. The perfect solution comes from Glitterati; a rezzable room strewn with more diamonds than the latest celebrity engagement ring. The ultimate in ostentatious display cabinets, this Diamond Room comes complete with some 15 poses which can be repositioned to suit a taller or shorter av: standing, sitting, crouching and full bodily adoration of the central stone. This is fantastic fun and is excellent for shooting anything from flashy gowns to the latest footwear. Try the demo instore – at the time of print you can currently buy these as gifts just outside the main store: they’ll make the perfect gift for the woman who thinks she has it all.

Back to the clothes: the latest release from 5th & Oxford demanded display here, and so I drew on these long leather gloves. They come in various luxuriant colours, all just as rich and neatly textured, and also in two shorter lengths which would suit a less showy outfit. There is a little seamage on the long pair due to the nature of the creasing, but nothing that caused me any concern: to the contrary I’m quite delighted with them. Good gloves are surprisingly hard to come by in the metaverse and these are certainly up there with the best.

The shoes are from, a pair of stilettos which I chose for the colour match with the gloves. They’re a classic style that doesn’t remove attention from anywhere else – being brutally honest, do you really want folk staring at your feet when you’re standing there half naked? Make a shrewd investment in something conservative to keep their eyes on the prize. You’ll thank me for it later.

Because everyone likes a little thoughtful giftwrapping, this satin bow from DeLa really rounds off nicely. The neck tie droops at the knot in a perfect understatement, adding to rather than taking away from the rest of the outfit.

Sexy hair is crucial to a look like this, and this new release from Truth fulfils that requirement perfectly. Straight, sleek hair folds out from an off-centre part, curling in subtle feathers towards the face, falling long and stopping just above the chest. All the hair pulls around to the front leaving the back completely exposed, flyaway strands teased from the body and bringing the whole thing to life.

As I don’t usually flash quite so much flesh, you may as well take the opportunity to take a good look at Belleza’s Belle skin, a firm favourite in my inventory. With a gorgeous range of makeups and the combination of an intricate eye tattoo and vampy red lips made this the obvious choice. Belle has been a long-standing favourite of mine and I can’t fault any aspect of the face or body: the shading is subtle but relevant, very soft without seeming washed out. I think the pale tone somehow lends to a sense of vulnerability, so whether you’re baring all or nothing, you can be sure you’ll feel quite exquisitely feminine.

I complimented the unusual eye makeup with eyelashes by Calla. I’m a little frustrated as I didn’t manage to capture them as clearly as I would have liked (do click through the second image for a bigger capture), but take my word for it when I tell you they are fabulous. Tigerlily Koi has done a brilliant job on her entire range, creating vastly different styles that range from seductive to outrageous. The lashes give a healthy dose of drama, curling wide and laying at different lengths, each one closed with a spheric cap. A must-have showpiece.

Last but not least, Curio’s stunning Tragic Eyes provided a light contrast to the rest of the style. I have these in a dozen shades because they are so darn good, hauntingly expressive even at a distance. They come in three sizes and with prim and non-prim attaches to suit all tastes, so you really can’t go far wrong.

Since it’s the big day tomorrow I’ll be taking a healthy dose of real life and won’t be making my usual Friday stop in. May all your presents be shiny and bright: I wish you an enjoyably over-indulgent Christmas!

Lingerie: Insolence, Deborah Embroidered Set – Black-Red
Gloves: 5th & Oxford, Leather Gloves – Red
Neck Tie: DeLa, Keira Ribbon
Shoes:, Basic Pumps – Red

Hair: Truth, Nela – Chestnut
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Watercolor (Shine)
Eyelashes: Calla, Lashes – Ball Tip
Skin: Belleza, Belle Pale – Lace in the Rubies
Set and Poses: Glitterati, The Diamond Room


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