December 28, 2009

From Her Eyes

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You can’t trust everything you see: some things are just make believe. As any resident will know, it’s still fun to escape to them every now and then. The distraction is invariably entertaining.

If you follow this blog regularly you’ll have noticed I am quite picky about eyes. This set from PixelDolls is one of the few I wear regularly, largely because of the subtle realism and the colouring itself. If you do brown eyes you should really try these as they have a richness and depth about them you don’t always find, with enough of a reflection hitting the pupil to bring them alive. The white of the eye isn’t blinding, toned down with a hint of pink at the inner corner. The overall effect is very hard hitting and when paired with the right pair of prim lashes you’ll have yourself a wonderfully piercing stare that is difficult to ignore.

The skin I’m wearing is Jesse from Belleza, one I go back to time and time again when I’m looking for a high-impact portrait. The body is beautiful, but the face always grabs attention: the shading is almost unnoticable unless you go looking, but it’s the balance Tricky Boucher achieves that defines the features so well and gives Jesse her characteristic allure. I chose a makeup with lightly smoked eyes and plum lips to compliment the styling.

The hair choice was also important to achieve a focus on the face. I went with a dark version ofTruth’s recent release ‘Noah’ – short, choppy dos like this really do focus attention, with the side part sweeping a fringe to cover one eye and open up the other. With a carefully placed lock drawing a line to the left eye, this certainly hooks an onlooker and is arguably rather provocative. The hair doesn’t sit much further than the jaw at any point, much of it cropped in shorter layers which work at different levels around the head. As usual, Truth has introduced just the right amount of movement to ensure a natural rather than gelled-solid feel.

I started the outfit with the wrap from Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique. It only comes on the jacket layer but it’s not difficult to find things to put underneath: I love the patterning on this, the material folding across the chest and pinning to the left side with a flat brass buckle. I did notice some seamage, but nothing that stopped me wanting to wear this – with the way the material works in darker and lighter areas, it’s not really obvious unless someone’s zoomed in under your armpit, which would be exceptionally bad manners.

Viva la Glam is where I found both the undertop and the scarf. The top is actually part of a dress, satin with a rounded neckline, clinging to every curve on the way down. The quarter length sleeves have a bordered cuffline to them, but unmatched seams do spoil these a little from the back. The scarf is a slim wraparound, several folds encasing the neck with a free length finishing in short tassels at stomach height. The other end drops slightly from the layers at the neck, not quite tucking under at the chest. Certain angles do photograph better than others, but it is very well textured and comes in a huge assortment of colours.

The marvellous jeans are from Naughty. You heard right: following a tip off from the all-knowing Oscar Page, I discovered they’re back with some very well made casuals. The selection of denims isn’t lacking and I’m probably not the only one admiring what these do for my virtual bottom: the shading and creasing alone makes these stand out from a lot of other jeans. Understandably the paint splatters did something to catch my eye, the mottling effect and the unusual colour combination creating a winner. The prim rollups make for a neat finish, especially when met with a pair of paint-flecked socks.

I am almost living in my Docs, so I didn’t hesitate to pull them on for a five star finish to this style. The vibrancy of the purple on a grey backing instantly pops, and with the customisation options I was easily able to match laces and eyelets to co-ordinate with the outfit. What’s more, through the ‘extras’ menu you can turn off the synching between the boots, meaning you can accent them independently, or go for a different shape on each foot (abused and pristine here). You can see ‘Threads for the Nymphette‘ for more on the Docs, or keep an eye on Flickr for some extra serving suggestions.

To keep the chill off my arms, I accessorised with a pair of armwarmers from Maitreya. I have blogged these before and raved about their exquisite structure in gushing detail – it’s well deserved praise as the work really is very good, certainly worth a Linden spend if you haven’t already picked these up.

Wrap: Boutique, Victorian Wrap – Burgundy Patterned
Top: Viva La Glam, Clingy Satin Dress – Lilac
Jeans: Naughty, Artist Jeans – Black Paint
Boots: Gos, Docs 8 Hole – NINE
Scarf: Viva La Glam, Layered Scarf – Wine
Armwarmers: Maitreya, Armwarmers – Grey
Socks: WWI, Army Girl Garter Socks – Med Gray

Hair: Truth, Noah – Cocoa
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Skin: Belleza, Jesse Sunkiss 7
Poses: Reel Expression, Random Pose 20
CnS, F3 – Wall 6



  1. isle said,

    Very nicely done blog, Fayne, glad I found it 🙂 I can tell how much work you put into the pics and commentary, and adding slurls is the icing on the cake.


  2. […] finish, a sassy style from Truth that I’ve covered before – for my money it’s one of his best short styles and although from the name it was […]

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