January 6, 2010

Channeling Suburbia

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It’s good to be close to the water even if that means a quiet stroll along the side of a canal. I’m dressed for clear skies and warmer weather, and as long as the wind keeps at bay I should be able to enjoy a reasonable afternoon on the tow-path.

This gorgeous bolero from Mischief was a great find. The cropped sweater falls to a low v-neck, with the underside tying up and over at the central point, the ends of the sash falling low to the stomach. Half-length sleeves puff from the shoulder and draw to tight cuffs just above the elbow. (As an aside, I did remove the neck prim due to lack of attachment points, but to my mind this works just as well with or without the folded collar.) Underneath I’m wearing a turtleneck from Hal*Hina. It’s another one of those simple wardrobe staples, the kind of piece that doesn’t speak volumes on its own, but is well made and sits beautifully when layered or if you just need to throw on something in a hurry.

I slipped into these capri pants from MichaMi, part of the Pippa outfit. What I love most about the outfit as a whole is that you get pretty much every layer of every part of the set, allowing you mix it up with the rest of your wardrobe. To my mind the set is a bargain, but I am particularly fond of these cropped trousers which carry a stiff crease running to the front and back of the leg with lightly flared cuff. There is subtle pocket and fly detail, with appropriate creasing to the crotch and across the backside. I added a belt from Mandala, slung a little low to the front and aligning straight at the back. You’ll notice the careful detail on the studding, buckle and unusual embellishment on the right hip; a hooped tassel suspended from a wrought metal ornament.

I have blogged Bax’s Prestige boots previously, but you’ll allow a small indulgence on my part if I happen to extoll their virtues once again. Being such a classic style these are easy to wear with a range of looks, and in the brown pair there are four shade options as well as colour changes for the accents, heels, zips and other details to enable you to personalise to a large extent. I’ve chosen to roll the cuffs down here, but you can add denim rollups, put the cuffs up or remove them completely depending on what your wardrobe demands.

Accessories came from a variety of sources. The sunglasses are another pair from Gos’s Custom range, which are absolutely the shades to be seen in. These Smooth sunnies are rather sporty, but if you’re creative with your styling you can really change the angle. All of Gos’s sunglasses are meticulously scripted, allowing massive customisation to match whatever you’re wearing: for example, in addition to colour change options, you can lower the opacity on the lens as I’ve done here, allowing your eyes to be seen clearly through the glass. It gives a very different feel to the fully tinted shades and is easily tweaked through clickable menu options. Whatever alterations you decide to make, you’ll find the primwork and texturing to be of Gospel Voom’s usual impeccable standard, with high level detail I’ve yet to see bested.

The necklace from Ragdoll’s is composed of basic leather thongs strung with beads, metal rings and an angled silver cross. It’s rather rustic, the textures themselves being a little basic, but I think this matches the design rather well and as such I was quite happy with my purchase. I kept the bangles in the same tone, picking basic pieces from Boon and Mezzo to compliment.

My do is by Decoy, and I must say that I was most impressed by both the shape and the silky appearance of the style. This hair begs to be stroked and played with, the fringe swept across the face with soft tendrils falling long to the sides. The hair is pulled back, puffing behind an alice band and forming a short ponytail to the back. It’s a wonderful casual style well worth a little Linden splurge.

The skin is Tuli’s Bella with Gogo makeup, which I previously used in my Wanderlust post. The eyes have a lot of liner which is played down a little behind the shades here, leaving just the definition of the rouged cheeks and pink lips to the face. Tuli’s skins come with plenty of eyebrow options so you can pick the one that matches closest to your hair colour, definitely a bonus if you prefer blonde or red brows.

Cardigan: Mischief, Bitty Bolero – Lime
Jumper: Hal*Hina, Turtleneck Sweater – Light Beige
Trousers: MichaMi, Pippa Capri Pants (part of a set)
Boots: Bax, Prestige Boots – Brown Leather
Sunglasses: Gos, Custom Sunglasses – Smooth
Necklace: Ragdoll’s Cut, Nailed Cross Necklace – Brown
Belt: Mandala, Kookai Belt – Brown
Bangle (L): Mezzo, Bangle Round
Bangle (R): Boon, Round Bangle – Woody

Hair: Decoy, Nicole – Ash Brown (Bangs)
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Cocoa
Skin: Tuli, Bella Pale – Gogo
Poses: Ks2cool, Poses 62-70
CnS, F3 – Standing
Reel Expression, Shoes 01



  1. Very nice Blog, love this casual style and the green sweater yaay 😛
    I added your Post to our Feat Blog panel at the main-store.

    SJ Loon
    Bax Coen Ambassador

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Thank you, SerinaJane, I’m glad you liked it! Delighted to be up on the Featured Blog panel 🙂

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