January 15, 2010

If it was Spring

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The Winter’s becoming tiresome and it feels like the seasons should have changed by now. Trying something a little fresher in anticipation of Spring.

I started this look with a dress I found at Narwhal; a strapless bodice with sash under tying the bust, dropping in ruffled tiers down to the thigh. It’s a very floaty, pretty thing, the material seeming almost iridescent, the colour not quite definable.

Beneath I’m wearing a top I found at Naughty which I favour for its careful details. The seams at the shoulders and on the hemlines are neatly stitched throughout, banded for a neat finish. The material has consistent stretch and runch marks which even at a reasonable distance add to the appeal. I find lighter shades are sometimes not as well made as their darker counterparts as mistakes are more clearly visible, but I’m pleased to confirm this is not the case here: it may be a simple jersey top, but it’s really rather lovely on.

For some pearls have never been fashionable but I’ve always considered them to be very feminine and was quite taken with this slightly unusual set by Haus of Darcy. A chain of oddly sized pearls hugs the neck, each connected with a showing link. Pendant pearls hang down irregularly, unleveling the line further and drawing the eye. These could comfortably be worn in a more formal setting but are quite fun for glamming up your day looks too. Several other colours are available in store.

On my feet I’m wearing some adorable flats by Ding Fotherington. The 50 Flats store has some charming shoes on sale, but these caught my eye particularly for their softly silvered colour as well as the gemstone finish across the toe. It may be my imagination, but the cut of the stones and their formation gives them the appearance of a trio of turtles – possibly not what the designer intended me to see whenever I gaze down at my feet, but I find it endearing nonetheless. I pulled on some footless socks to cover my lower legs, opting for these old favourites from Mocha, which mimic the stretch of the fabric on my sweater.

I topped with a wonderfully free-flowing hair from Truth in the rich, chocolate tone. This style is so perfect for casual day wear, hair parted on the left and swept around the shoulder, draped over the other side in feather-light layers. The colouring contrasts nicely with the makeup by Gala Phoenix, dark lips and flushed cheeks with nude eyes; Candy Nail helped with a manicure for the finishing touch.

Top: Naughty, Peace Knit – Pink
Dress: Narwhal, Endless Cycle – White
Socks: Mocha, Loose Socks Plain Dirty – Pink
Shoes: 50 Flats, Jeweled Flats – Gray
Necklace: Haus of Darcy, Costumed Pearls – Soft Silver

Hair: Truth, Imogen – Chocolate
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Skin: Gala Phoenix, Petal Dark Winter 2 – Pure 3
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver Pink
Poses: Ks2cool, Pose 77-80 (74-80)
ImpEle, Red Carpet 01
Reel Expression, Shoes 01


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