January 20, 2010

Sewn Differently

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I love things done differently. Every nuance demonstrates the angle of someone’s perception: the ways we look at the world and indeed at ourselves.

I’m finding it difficult to get enough of knitwear recently, and I certainly found myself unable to resist this long-sleeved wrap dress I saw at Hucci. I’m all about value for money, and pieces like this are great because they can be layered up, accessorised and made to fit a good number of different looks. The Hucci dress fits tight to the body with appropriate stretch all over; the neck is wide and open with angular lines to the bust. A simple belt rides on the hips, dropping to a central tie with loose end falling below the skirt.

As much to ward off something of the cold as for modesty’s sake, I added an extra layer. Beneath I’m wearing what is actually a DSN gift from MichaMi, but you can find the same bustier in store in two other colours which would work equally well. They’re part of the Carmela outfit which can be broken up and mixed in with the rest of your wardrobe – Milla Michinaga has a fashionista’s understanding of the importance of layers which shows through in the options she provides with her creations.

Around my neck I’m sporting a group gift from Find Ash. This has been in my inventory for a while and I’m not sure how often these are rotated, so you may want to make a stop by soon if you want to pick it up. It’s a colour-change stole with crisscross patterning across a multi-hued ground, twined with a thick, dark chain and spiked pendant that falls between the ample excess of the scarf. Any accessory that saves you the tedious job of messing around with sizing and multiple attachment points has to be worth getting, especially with a dollar price tag. It may also suit the gents, so herd your menfolk over there while you’re at it.

I bought these pants from So Many Styles a little while back because they were so unusual. The dual tone in itself is striking, made to stand out more with the addition of studding all around the colour seam. The definition on these is subtle – for my taste areas like the knees, crotch and bottom would have been improved with a greater depth of shading – but nevertheless I think these work great under a longer top to put emphasis on the coupling of the legs.

The boots were a group gift from Maitreya that has long since gone out of the archives: if you didn’t already pick them up, you can find two other black options in store that will easily do the same job (though I must admit that the patent toe is particularly eye-catching). Paired with a slouched suede upper and the unforgiving heel, these boots certainly make a statement on their own and will work with smart or casual fare.

I found this lovely hand held bag at Your Skin & Your Shape. Despite the slightly deceptive store name, YS&YS stock some great accessories; the shape and texturing of this piece is very good, the bag boasting mock-croc and black surrounds, the details picked out beautifully with roomy buckled pockets, zips and fastenings.

The hat and hair are a Haiti fundraiser from Maitreya, selling at a bargain price with money going to an excellent cause. The hair is mostly pulled back beneath the knitted cap which slouches to the back of the head, wisps of hair trailing to frame the face, with a bobby pin drawing to the side to secure the cap in place. The soft and slightly messy style works well with the Gala Phoenix Winter skins which are always superb for shots out in the snow; this particular makeup has a wonderful silver shimmer around the lightly smoked eyes, highlighting this otherwise natural, fresh face. Curio’s enchanting Tragic Eyes complete the style.

Dress: Hucci, Wrap Dress – Maj Blue
Undertop: MichaMi, Carmela Bustier – Blush (part of a set)
Pants: So Many Styles, Duo Pants – Grey/Navy
Boots: Maitreya, Soho Boots – Patent Mix Black
Scarf and Necklace: Find Ash, Gothic Stole
Gloves: Emery, Gloves – Black
Bag: YS&YS, Illetes Bag – Ice Age Silver

Hat and Hair: Maitreya, Sasha – Bistre
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Hazel (Shine)
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina – 03
Skin: Gala Phoenix, Petal Dark Winter 2 – Snow Angel
Poses: Ks2cool, Pose 76-80
Reel Expression, Fashion S5 06, Shoes 01


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