January 25, 2010

Skin Deep

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I know, I know. This is the second time in as many months that I’ve flashed my semi-naked figure in your general direction: I can’t really apologise for featuring my favourite things on the grid, and the Belleza Alyson skin hopped, skipped and jumped her way to the dizzying heights of my “love-it” list as soon as I saw her on.

The first thing that strikes you about Alyson is her youthful face. With a clear complexion and strong features, she’ll definitely pull eyes in a crowd. The lips on this skin are quite suited to a variety of mouth shapes – I always tweak my lips a touch to best suit a new skin – although I found my favourite fit was to give Alyson a wider, slimmer lip line which produced a wonderfully mischievous smile.

There are fifteen makeups for each of the five skin tones, lip shades varying from strong reds to nudes, with smoked and shadowed as well as natural eyeshades, everything carefully chosen to compliment the skin itself. The brows are quite light on the pale as worn here, but adjust to tone with the darker skin options. The pale is definitely a good choice of skin for redheads and light brunettes, especially with the addition of
freckles to the cheeks and body. To my mind they aren’t over abundant and add to Alyson’s sweetness.

The real reason I’m standing in my underwear – aside from a case of flagrant exhibitionism – is that the body is completely worth staring at. There is a great deal of detailing brought out with a figure so well toned that you could put her on your mantlepiece as a living sculpture. The definition continues throughout – I still think that Tricky Boucher’s buns are second to none, and every other detail from the highlights and shadows right down to a suggestion of the ribs beneath the skin give a finish to this that sets it apart from the majority of others on the market. Skins do look different on various shapes but you can pick up demos in store, or try on the current group gift for size (L$250 joining fee, a bargain for one makeup in all tones).

Covering up the essentials, I chose an older Insolence release which I am rather fond of. The bra is made with embroidered satin cups that cut inward with a scalloped edge, held by a thin central gore with black bow accent. Sheer tulle panels makeup the back, and again with the highleg knickers which come around to an angular section of blue satin to the front. The Leslie set does come with matching hold ups, but for the sake of showing leg I reluctantly left them aside.

I slipped my feet into these gorgeous patent pumps from Nardcotix. Simplicity in design can be such a wonderful thing – these shoes will go with almost any outfit and the shape of the heel and sole are very flattering to the legs and feet. The shiny, pointed toe adds a touch of extra femininity to this classic court.

When you’ve got so much else on display, hair may seem like it should be the least of your concerns, but I chose this pretty bob from Truth to draw attention to the face. Framing well with cut lengths and layers to focus on the jawline, the fringe pulls across the left eye for an added softness, enhanced by the light feathering of the hair throughout.

Lingerie: Insolence, Leslie – Slate Blue
Shoes: Nardcotix, Rebekah Pumps – Black

Hair: Truth, Skyla – Almond
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown (No Shine)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio, Innocent – Pure
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 1
Poses: Reel Expression, Pin Up
LAP, DG – Tart
Glitterati, 071
Olive Juice, Victorian 5


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