January 27, 2010

Reap what you Sew

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Don’t you love it when you’re really inspired to pull a look together? Recent releases from Truth and Belleza begged for an outfit like this: I could only oblige them.

Three of the four latest Truth releases were set with colour change hair clips which I thought were really sweet: Veruca 2 is the style I chose here, hair drawn back in a loose twist of a bun angled low to the rear, the fringe pinned on either side with carelessly guarded locks flicking up above the shoulders. The softness of the style seemed to best suit a lighter colour, the sun catching on the subtle shifts in tone.

Belleza’s Alyson is perfect for this look. The face is a picture of innocence, light makeup and a sprinkle of freckles defining this ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ portrait that compliments everything else the outfit achieves. The skin itself is far from timid, boldly detailed for clear features even at a distance: everything down to the backs of the knees and the ankles are worked in for a suitable level of realism which I personally adore.

The over shirt is from the Lois Lane boutique, flowered vines weaving a pattern over the open silk, a single button fastened beneath the chest to draw everything in with appropriate crease and pull shading. The seams are defined but work well with the print, everything neatly finished. My only real complaint about this shirt is that it only comes on the jacket layer, and is also not modifiable which does limit your options (and meant that I did have to tweak the skirt I’m wearing to pull up a bit higher and wider to mask the shirt length). It’s still a good purchase for the price but something to be aware of before you buy.

The floral motifs continue to the top of the blouse worn beneath, from a set by BareRose. June Dion’s fashions are so cheap to pick up, even if you buy an entire outfit for one item you’re not losing out. The blouse runs pleated seams throughout, with a raised and open collar running down to dark buttons through the center. The accents are matched with similar detail on the rolled cuffs to the arms. While I do love this blouse, it’s worth noting that because it forms part of a set it does crop short to the stomach which can affect your layering options. Provided you have belly coverage of some kind it’s not an issue.

Whilst browsing at Oyakin this skirt caught my eye with its vibrant blue colouring. The length is perfect for me, but can be adjusted upward depending on your choice of petticoat options: I love the lowest layer of embroidered net for its dainty extension to the hemline, but the extra tier provided by the pale green check also adds something. The skirt is rather floaty and will billow behind when walking, but generally it’s lovely to wear and doesn’t tear too badly unless you pull any truly unladylike poses.

The shoes are from 50 Flats, featuring a simple blue shoe base with contrasting yellow tongue sewn back from the toes. An extra cutout of fabric surrounds the foot, flat laced through brassy eyelets with a neat bow tied to the front. The sole is thin but curls up to the back of the shoes, finishing short of the upper heel. While basically textured the colouration and the lively styling make these good casual fare.

I accessorised just with this pretty little rattan bag from dEVOL and a belt from Artilleri. While I must admit to needing something to cover up the small amount of stomach that shows through beneath the blouse, the belt does tie everything in nicely around the waist, sitting wide on the hips and drawing the figure in as the sides slope gently down to the rounded buckle at the front. The bag from dEVOL picks up on the earthy tones, woven in a boat shape with rounded wooden handles tied by a multicoloured scarf. The bag isn’t modifiable, but does come with a hand or shoulder animation option: both work nicely, although the fingers do sit loose on the hand hold option.

Overshirt: Lois Lane Boutique, Maya Top – Blue
Blouse: BareRose, Chidori Habit – White (part of a set)
Skirt: Oyakin, Fril Miniskirt – Denim 2
Shoes: 50 Flats, Boat Shoes – Buoy
Belt: Artilleri, Snakeskin Sash Belt – Brown
Bag: dEVOL, Ratan Basket 01 – Dark Brown

Hair: Truth, Veruca 2 – Almond
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 0
Poses: Reel Expression, S5 06, Random Pose 103
Olive Juice, Victorian 1


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