February 1, 2010

Medicine for the Soul

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Exploiting the sexy librarian look? Who, me? It just happened, I swear.

It all started when I bought a dress from Ibizarre. The dress in its entirety is is very pretty but I thought the upper by itself would make a good blouse. I love the long, fluted sleeves, very distinct from the fitted body of the printed bodice which sits in a pronounced and very revealing sweetheart neckline. For modesty’s sake I layered with a simple tube top from Dutch Touch in a soft blue, a colour I decided to colour through with accessories.

Ingenue was my next shopping stop for this long-length pencil skirt. The high waist is buttoned on a left bias, cinching the waist and emphasising this shape with its double tiered overskirts. You can opt to wear one peplum, both or neither to alter the definition you’re putting on your body shape: similarly the high waist can be removed, and the skirt is modable so you could shorten the length, although you would lose the detail of the finished hemline at the bottom.

I’ve had these slip ons from Maitreya in my inventory for a while. They’re simply made, pumps on a slim sole with a moderate heel and an inset leather fold that draws up behind the ankle, peeling back from the foot. Those I’m wearing are the original style which has since been updated: the current version on sale has a a rougher finish on the leather inset and an updated leather texture to the main, but is otherwise the same shoe.

The choker is from alaMood and comes in a little presentation box, complete with a wonderfully expectant hold animation. I think sometimes it goes unnoticed when designers put in these little touches, but I am very fond of ‘touch to unpack’ at the best of times, moreso when executed with creativity. The choker itself is stylishly minimalist, a golden satin ribbon supporting an oval pendant engraved with a faded floral glyph, hung from a delicate and minute hook.

Truth’s releases this week were all must haves for me, and I chose the Nicky style for this look. Elegantly arranged to the front with swept fringe characterised by falling strands which feature elsewhere around the pull back for the upper sections of hair, the main bulk left to fall freely behind the shoulders. The top sections are bound in a flipped up into a ponyloop with three colour change elastic ties, the hair flicked and pulled for a soft messiness that suggests the style was pulled together in haste, or has been worn for some time and is starting to unravel itself. It’s the small imperfections in these styles that really make them come alive and are undoubtedly why Truth hair is so popular throughout the grid.

Having slipped into the sinfully sexy Alyson skin by Belleza and applied my dark, doe eyes from PixelDolls, I was convinced a pair of angular glasses were required to complete the look. Sturdy, simple and with just the right colour change options, I opted for this incredibly inexpensive pair by HOC. The texturing won’t set the world on file, but the shape and customisation options make them worth keeping in your inventory for those times where you need to look suitably studious.

I don’t always give the poses as much focus as I’d like, but I thought I’d give a shout out to both Everglow and Glitterati for their recent release pose sets. Everglow are a new to me store, but I was really impressed with the quality and vivaciousness of the poses on sale. It can be difficult to make a frozen pose look lively, but creator Fanny Willis does so very well and it is worth a look if you’re looking for something a little different or fun to add to your collection. Katey Coppola also deserves a mention for her Headshot pose set which is absolutely essential if you’re into portrait pictures. Ideal for bloggers and for anyone taking profile pictures, these capture a variety of angles to suit – great for different hairstyles and just generally for unique angled shots.

Blouse: Ibizarre, Harlow Dress Top – Brown (tinted)
Top: Dutch Touch, Tube Top – Pale SteelBlue
Skirt: Ingenue, Secretary Skirt – Camel
Shoes: Maitreya, Mishima Dawn Leather – Blue
Glasses: HOC Apparel, Glasses Rectangle Female 01
Necklace: alaMood, Portia Choker

Hair: Truth, Nicky – Almond
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 7
Poses: Everglow, Model 148
Glitterati, Headshot 8, Headshot 6
Persona, Wryly



  1. robinesque said,

    I LOVE this!!! What a look!! So sexy, so old-world, so charming and so feminine! Nicely done!

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