February 22, 2010

Our Lady Patron

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I recently had the good fortune to meet the lovely Eliza Wierwight, owner of the Patron gallery. I’ve visited Patron in the past and was greatly impressed by the build and the artwork created both by Eliza and her guest creators; I decided a re-visit was in order and I wasn’t disappointed on arrival.

Of course one should dress suitably for such an outing, and when I put on this new release from Truth I knew it would be perfect for a jaunt to Patron. Melinda’s over-long fringe is swept to the right, strands still trailing to fall down into the eye, angled back from the face to lie in front of the ear. The short ponytail draws high on the head, neatly scraped back but falling then in a loose cascade of gentle waves, twists to the top and sides giving a romantically feathered appearance from the front.

This jacket from So Many Styles seems to have worked its way into everyone’s wardrobe since its release. The angular collar and shoulders make a striking silhouette, sharply contrasting with the fitted body and softly rumpled cuffs. Gold foliage details throughout, the patterning continued in a more muted manner on the undertop which I picked up from Honey. I’m only using the bodice section for this look as the sweetheart neckline fitted to perfection, but there are showy lace sleeves and similar skirting included in the set.

The skirt and belt are taken from a dress from Lark, a recent release which in its entirety is very pretty but can also be split up and used as separate uppers and lowers on all layers. The pencil skirt sits just below the knee with a subtle fan motif embedded into the fabric. Its bound to the waist with a wide silk sash, simple and elegant design perfect for evening wear.

When it comes to hosiery, Sheer can do no wrong (in my eyes at least). This particular pair of tights is a free pair available in store, detailed with animal stripes starting on the shins and working all the way up the leg on both sides with the trademark seam running to the back. If you haven’t tried Sheer then you absolutely need to pick this freebie up so you can see for yourself the quality of the work, particularly Sh Oluja’s impeccable seamage.

I accessorised with some gorgeous jewellery from Dark Mouse. The necklace from the je t’aime set is set on a diamond stoned chain, dipping to the weight of the misted heart pendant set in a similar surround. As much as I like the necklace, the highlight for me are the prominent double-heart earrings laced with elaborate copper wiring. The loops that bind the pendants offer a delicate contrast to the heavy charms themselves which makes these both interesting and beautiful to behold.

You’ll also notice the little bag I picked up from Yuli some time ago. The padded sack is belted around the middle to create something of a drawn waist, filling out again to the top and sealed flat with metallic zipper. You can change the metal accents as well as the colour of the bag through a touch activated HUD so there is some customisation available for various looks.

Belleza’s Alyson is absolutely my choice of skin at present: the skin in itself has been lovingly put together, with clean and distinct features. I love the subtle variations in the tones as well as the different body and makeup options: the cleavage skins work beautifully with tops like the one I’m wearing, and this makeup with smoked out eyes and fig red lips isn’t too showy but still works in an evening setting. I’m wearing stand-out Whispy lashes from Calla and bright, natural eyes from PixelDolls.

Jacket: So Many Styles, Vintage Jacket – Black/Gold
Top: Honey, Natunooneesama
Skirt and Belt: Lark, Kwi-Ling Skirt and Wasitband – Raven
Tights: Sheer, Tights Zebra – Black
Shoes: G Field, Ribbon Slingback Shoes – Black
Jewellery: Dark Mouse, je t’aime – Copper/Diamond
Handbag: Yuli, Handbag 79 Customisable

Hair: Truth, Melinda – Caramel
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Calla, Whispy
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Med – 3 (cleavage)
Poses: .Doll, Tiffany 09
Chanimations, Featherboa 5 – Vain and Loving It (Vain group gift)
Glitterati, Headshot 2, 015



  1. Eliza Wierwight said,

    Oh my !

    Fayne thank you so much I’m just delighted beyond that which would be considered reasonable in refined company ~laughs~

    Thank you thank you thank you and most welcome at Patron always.

    My heart, my home , all welcome ……….

    ( again my genuine thanks )

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      My pleasure, Eliza, I hope it will encourage other people to visit you and see Patron for themselves. It really is a fantastic build and your collection of artwork is extremely impressive.

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