March 1, 2010


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Dripping with diamonds? So passé! Pearls are where it’s at, Ladies.

I have a penchant for pearls in both lives, so when Katey Coppola released another set of suitably orientated poses, I was all over them like a teenybopper offered a backstage pass to a Jedward concert. Of course, I wasn’t content with the copious strings of beads provided – I had to add more of my own. Delays are reasonable, Dear Reader. Some things are worth waiting for.

Glitterati poses feature strongly in my inventory these days. Katey has some fabulous ideas and always executes them perfectly – no dodgy limbs or torso twists here. This collaboration with SiSSi is definitely one of my favourites, but you can see photoboxes from MudHoney and various other ventures at the Glitterati mainstore.

My quest for extra pearlation took me to Urbanity where I picked out some oral decoration by way of this loop of pearls that falls from the lips, joined to the base with a metal clasp to make it appear that I may have swallowed the majority of my necklace. I’m sure the gents would approve. My wrist is adorned with a bracelet from a set by Paradisis, the string coiled around the hand and through the fingers, fixed with a circular stone to the front.

With the pearls taken care of, I could concentrate on my outfit. While convention suggested this should have been a lingerie shoot, I opted instead for a few more layers, starting with this gorgeous jacket from PixelDolls. It’s very simple with no prim parts, but with the detail drawn into there’s actually no need for them. The luxurious print is accented with a satin collar, folded flat to the low neck with a belt of the same pulled tight beneath the bust. Buckles feature to the back of the cuffs. The jacket is elegantly shaped with a wide opening to the front: I slipped on a waistcoat from beneath just to add a little depth, three buttons protruding to create a central line.

Adding a little luxury, I chose this camisole from Perse which I favoured for its lacy top that just peeks above the jacket neckline. The body is a rich burgundy that compliments the other tones I’m wearing, with crease and pull details around the stomach and back.

The low-rise jeans are from DeeTaleZ. They cost a little more than I’d usually pay for a pair but they are well made and come in a variety of interesting patterns and tones which was what ultimately convinced me to purchase. The sanguine stripes are matched by others in varying shades of grey to the inner thigh, the legs running tight to turn up cuffs that fall low to the heel. Do be warned that the backside is somewhat lacking, but that’s more as a result of the low waist and dark colouring than any design flaw.

If you’re shoe shopping at the moment, run over to Nardcotix and take full advantage of their L$100 sale. Nardya Rousselot is moving her store soon, so the offer won’t stand for long – it does seem to include everything in the shop, so if you appreciate her work as much as I do, now is a good time to expand your wardrobe. These woven slingbacks were a welcome addition to my shoe collection, featuring a stacked wooden heel and plain cream sole, with wide bows over the toes.

I finished with this updo from Truth – I love trying out the various colour packs since some shades work better with certain skin tones and outfits. As since Truth’s textures always hit the mark it’s well worth a little experimentation. The Chalice style is a very loose and messy bun with a bias to the right, the hair roughly bunched and tied with a lot of softness and volume to the whole. The movement plays out in the bun itself, barely there but enough to prevent the style from being lifelessly static.

Jacket: PixelDolls, Empire Belted Suit – Burgundy
Waistcoat:, Halter Vest – Black
Cami: Perse, Lace – Red
Trousers: DeeTaleZ, Bootcut Jeans – Striped Red
Shoes: Nardcotix, Eva – Black
Necklace: Glitterati and SiSSi, Pearls V2
Mouth Pearls: Urbanity, Claps Don’t Taste Good – Black
Hand Pearls: Paradisis, Streets Girl – Red (part of a set)

Hair: Truth, Chalice – Fudge
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Symphony Skins, Sculpted Lashes
Nails: Candy Nail, NS000 Basic – Dark Red
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Med – 9 (cleavage)
Poses: Glitterati and SiSSi, Pearls V2
Reel Expression, Shoes 01

The pictures were taken in a skybox made by the very talented mainit Hellman of Baustein.


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