March 8, 2010

On Your Toes

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The Accessory Fair is a go-go as you’ve probably noticed from trawling the feeds. There are so many fabulous pieces about that it’s difficult to choose, but I found a set at the SIGMA Jewels booth that is definitely worth sharing.

This set is exceptionally well crafted with huge amounts of detail in everything from the fastenings to the finials. The necklace comprises two chains fastened between solid bars across the shoulders, the front strung with tiered capped pendants in a lustrous turquoise. From the tops hang chained leaf miniatures in dual tones of silver, a considered addition which really adds to the attraction of this set. The earrings are designed as single pendants with hook setting and are every bit as beautiful as the necklace they compliment.

It should be said that aside from producing top quality products, Sofi Trenkins also offers excellent customer support, prompt and exceptionally helpful, even going so far as to send me a full bright version of the set when my lighting settings weren’t co-operating (the jewellery is sold copy only). Ultimately I used the standard version for this shoot with just a few tweaks to my lighting settings to bring out the desired shine.

The dress is actually composed of two new releases from Ingenue. Betty Doyle produces top quality clothing and footwear every time; this skirt is a wonderfully pouffy style, multiple layers pressing against one another for a voluminous look, emphasised by the tight fitting high waist. The cropped, strapless corset tucks just beneath the high waist of the skirt, sweetheart neckline complimented by the boning. Central back buttons draw this to a close.

To keep off the chill I threw on this cardigan from Coco. In fine knit, the arms knot at the chest, stretching back over the shoulders with the main creating a solid sheet behind. This will look great with other outfits, particularly in the run up to the Summer, and this white version has the added bonus of being easily tintable to better suit your stylings.

You may have noticed my ultra-long legs, but I promise I haven’t been playing with the sliders. Urbanity are new to footwear and have stepped onto the market with these break-neck heels in a range of delicious colours. Steeply curved, the pumps have rounded lines throughout, filled with ruffled ankle socks bound by buckled straps. It’s worth noting that there’s no sockless option and there is a slight issue with the sole of the shoe not quite melding to the leather on the ball of the foot, but in honesty it’s a forgivable glitch. With the gorgeous colouring, pretty girl socks and teetering height these give, I’m perfectly content in my strutting.

The hairstyle is by Tiny Bird a formal updo tucked into a parcel at the back. The fringe is drawn away from the face, parted on a side bias with the majority swept for the right. Wisps of hair fly back with the majority scraped behind, the hair bunched in sections as before being secured in the inverted bun, giving an interesting, bumpy look from straight on. To finish the look, I donned Belleza’s Alyson with a pastel pink lipstick and some vampy eyelashes from Calla.

Cardigan: Coco, Cardigan on Shoulder – White
Top: Ingenue, Tulipe – L’eau
Skirt: Ingenue, Pivoine – L’eau
Shoes: Urbanity, Extreme Heels – Turquoise
Necklace and Earrings: SIGMA Jewels, Admira – Sea
Bracelets: Zaara, Sadaf paua bangles – Silver

Hair: Tiny Bird, Charlotte – Chocolate
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Calla, Whispy
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver/Pink
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 6 (cleavage)
Poses: Reel Expression, Arty V2 09
Glitterati, 015, Headshot 1


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