April 2, 2010

Any Way You Need Me

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Pose Fair. As a new resident in SL, I vividly remember my first wish being to stop walking like a constipated ostrich, and this was even before I started worrying about what I was wearing or how my hair looked. Poses and animations are a huge part of our in-world experience although sometimes I think the creators don’t get as much recognition as they deserve. I’m going to be sharing some of my Pose Fair favourites in my next few posts.

These poses are taken from the ‘Clever Girl’ and ‘No Pants Lance’ sets by Olive Juice. IsabellaGrace Baroque has a great sense of humour and is immensely creative in naming as well as creating her poses. This has the benefit of making you laugh as well as making it much easier to remember which pose you were looking for in your folders. I will forever run to ‘Itty Bitty Tittie Committee’ if I need a nude stand, and if ever I feel a greater urge to fondle my assets in public, ‘It Worked for Janet’ will be just a quick search away.

Olive Juice is offering a number of new sets for the Fair, from propped poses to singles, with themes from James Bond (it’s a male set, but works fine with my very female av) to expressions of rage, providing plenty of inspiration for your photo shoots. What’s more, 50% of all proceeds go to the chosen charity, Motivation, for the duration of the Fair.

I did a quick whip around on the 50L Friday route this morning and discovered a minidress at League which provided a top to go with this particular styling. The dress in its entirety is a nice piece, knitted with three-quarter sleeves and a ribbed hemline on the miniskirt. It’s well put together although there is a very visible but slim store label on the right side – a little jarring on this colour as it’s on red material, but you can cover with a corset or coat or simply trust that most won’t pay it much attention. There are three different styles on sale with various amounts of cleavage showing: I went for the fully open style which peels back from the chest to show a generous amount of skin or offers good layering options, depending on your preference. I softened off with a corset from Insolence to provide a scalloped edge beneath.

The jacket is part of a set from OMFG, a tightly fitted, cropped style with angled shoulder pads and stiffened collar and jacket flaps to the front opening.
I must admit that I edited the buttons specifically and they’re not very visible for this look: by default they are gold which didn’t work with this particular styling.

Miamai recently released their Spring collection, including these super shiny trousers with drawn on belt detail. They’re a tight fit and don’t come with prim cuffs, but they wear well with boots and work fine on the mesh if that’s your preference. There are some great highlights on the bum with wrinkles to suggest stretch and pull beneath the butt and at the top of the legs; they’re available in several colours, but this is easily my favourite and will work with most skin tones.

I’ve barely taken off my Burlesque boots since they came out. Slender fit knee highs with dramatic laces fronts, you can’t help but fall in love from the moment you try them on. The shape is exquisite and can be fitted to any leg with relative ease (I’ve seen Gospel Voom fitting in store to a shopper’s muscle-bound boyfriend for some light entertainment, and I think even the body builder had to admit that his legs had never looked so good). Of course the clincher is that these have numerous colour change options to enable you to match to your outfit, so you can easily wear these with your current wardrobe favourites. For more pictures and different tones, see the previous posts.

I found this scarf at Scribble, a simple wrap around with double button fastening to the front. Scripted to colour change, there are various options depending on which set you buy, with the ability to change both the material and both buttons independently. A large button version is included in the pack. I’m also sporting a bag from BareRose, the soft leather crescent detailed with leather panels and tagged zippers, making a fantastic casual that you can hold or wear slung to the shoulder as suits.

The hair is one of Truth’s latest releases, and I think you’ll be hard pressed not to run straight out for it. This is an elaborate updo featuring single loose ringlets that tumble down from the pinned sections, creating dreamy cascades that add magnificent detail and will have everyone around you desperate to reach out and touch. The side swept fringe covers an eye and leaves the other untouched, curtains of hair above the pull back to neatly frame the face. The hair drops from high up with a contrasting tuck from the base to finish off the neck at the back.

Jacket: OMFG, Le Cirque – Ringleader Jacket (part of a set)
Top: League, Thermal Dress Open – Purple (50L Friday item, part of a set)
Bra: Insolence, Laure Corset – Violet
Trousers: MiaMai, Labelle Pants – Turquoise
Boots: Gos, Burlesque – Model V1.0
Scarf: Scribble, Cool Stripes Scarf (Small Buttons)
Bag: BareRose, Crescent – Purple

Hair: Truth, Mena – Pecan
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Blue
Eyelashes: Symphony Skins, Scuplted Lashes
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 0
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: Olive Juice, Tymps
I like When We Called Them Stewardesses
Red Red Red
Give ’em the eye, doll



  1. klasdjpoweIJRA;SLDKFJS;KDJF;SLD!!!!!!!!! You rock Fayne, thank you so much! Nicest write-up about me EVER! <333333 You look adorable, and I love your style 😀

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Really loving the poses, you’ve made so many fabulous new ones for the fair it was hard to pick just a few! Glad you enjoyed the writeup 😉

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