April 5, 2010

The Kinks

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We all have our favourites. Repeatedly producing quality content is a surefire way to win yourself a fan base that extends grid wide, and Truth Hawks has certainly achieved a considerable level of fame with his regular and consistently impressive releases.

This week’s releases particularly impressed me, not least the lovely Leona. The over-shoulder ponytail is sectioned and tied to three parts, with lots of free flying strands throughout. With one eye mostly covered, the swept fringe to the left balances the weight and creates an unusual style.

While Leona is fun and generally fabulous, my usual AO really wasn’t working with it. To be fair, this is often the case with long hairs, but as I had a little extra time at the weekend, I was set to prepare a new set of poses for my custom AO. As it happens, I didn’t need to go to the effort. BehaviourBody have released several AOs for the pose fair, one of which seemed to be made with my little quest in mind. Maybe one or two of the stands saw a lot of cut through, but otherwise I found this really suited the style.

Whether or not you’re wearing Leona, the BehaviourBody AO is quite fun with a variety of movements. It’s a lively set, although you do pause to hold poses and most have a little head movement to prevent them from then seeming too static then. Sometimes it feels a little jerky, but I think this is more to do with the cycling of the animations than anything else and could be customised; movements into each from stand still are smooth and the loops don’t jar.

My favourite features are the easy to use menu which allows you to cycle your stands and select your sit and walk preferences easily. I adore the jaunty walk that has various options (you can have your arms close or wide, crossed loose or tight which can demonstrate your mood better or be selected simply to prevent cut-through on prims or larger shapes). The run is in a similar style that gives the impression you’re skipping to a beat on your MP3 player. I did find the hover a little dizzying as your av pivots from left to right, but was won over by the flying animation which sees a little unsteadiness in the legs that’s both fun and endearing.

The outfit is pretty simple, starting with a new release tube jumper from Hyperculture. This lavender colour is really pretty, the bust hemmed with elasticated ribbing above and below, with a darker panel accentuating the chest. It stretches long, fitting tight with a flap prim to create the skirt which is also trimmed to match.

I added this belt from Urbanity which is a recent release and a wardrobe essential if you appreciate value for money. Neatly styled, the simple strap encircles the waist and features double studded loops to the back with a circular buckle and metal keeper to the front. The belt comes with a resize and recolour HUD that you can add new tones to, from plaids and stripes to light and dark solids, this becomes extremely customisable with options to change the buckle metals too. Unusual updaters are becoming more popular, and the update packs for this belt are animated with a little pencil which you use to scrawl on your waist – quirky and cute.

The pants are by BOOM, and for their colouring I must admit there isn’t a lot of detail visible, but what I did like was the shape. A little wide to the thighs, they have a generous rippled flare on the leg, balancing against the skin-tight upper. Beneath I’m wearing some pumps from Shiny Things, round-toe with sensible heels and colour change bow accents to the fore.

For jewellery I went with finds from Dark Mouse and JUNK. The necklace and earrings are suitably girlie, slim but sizeable hoops hooking to the ears, with the necklace on a box link chain that slides in a v-shape beneath the collarbone, decorated by a dark blossom with central heart-shaped stone. I also chose an odd pair of bangles, similar but not identical, both featuring an interlaced pattern in onyx stone with metal rims to border.

Top: Hyper Culture, Tube Sweater Mini – Lavender
Trousers: BOOM, Pantime Pants – Purple
Shoes: Shiny Things, Tuli Pumps – Blush
Necklace and Earrings: Dark Mouse, It Happened One Night – Gold
Bracelets: JUNK, Shell and Weave Bangles – Onyx
Belt: Urbanity, Leather Fashion Belt

Hair: Truth, Leona – Burgundy
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Green (no shine)
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Med – 0
Poses: BodyBehaviour, Classic Style AO V1


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