April 6, 2010

Pure Morning

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It could be a bleak day for me tomorrow: I’m threatened with broadband disconnection. For how long? My service provider can make no guarantees. A bleak outlook indeed, although I’m sure I’ll claw my way back quickly enough.

The outfit I put together started with this gorgeous vest from Tyranny Designs. The front buttons up from the waist, stretching down over the hips with a slight chain belt circling the stomach. You can clearly see the stretch marks that denote a pull on the fabric, and I even warmed to the nipple detail – I suppose it is a little cool without a jacket on.

Beneath I’m wearing a long sleeve t-shirt by Fri.day. It’s helpful to know stores that you can always run to for key basics to complete a look, and Fri.day certainly rank highly on my list: with bordered hems and neat seams, there’s enough detail to ensure you look great without drawing attention from the rest of your ensemble. I’m also fond of the additional length on the sleeves which takes them up onto the knuckles of the hand, although you could shorten off by neglecting the glove layer.

The skirt is a current favourite from Emery, which I’m yet to show in full although I do think the highwaist is well executed and very wearable. Sitting covered this dark mini still looks great, although some of the detail on the waistline is lost, you can still see the detail of the decorated pockets to the back.

Being something of a sockaholic, I couldn’t resist the thermals packs on sale at League. You get several styles for each colour you purchase, with long socks or knee warmers in new and frayed options. There’s plenty to occupy a wandering eye, with subtle patterning and shading finished up with a ribbed band on the thigh.

Maitreya has rightly made a name for themselves creating romantic hairstyles and striking shoes and booties. I picked up these ChiChi pumps in black, favouring their unique combination of angled curves which gives a rather distinctive shape. On a platform base, the leather lies low up and around the foot, the height of the spindly heel tilting the foot forward to create a small void between skin and shoe to the back. The inner edging is colour change so you can modify to match your outfits; the bands form a loose X across the front of the foot, locked together in a lace bow.

There was very little needed to accessorise. This thin scarf from Miel is a casual compliment, with a plain ring by Random Calliope that just punctuated a colour contrast on the hand.

I went for a pale skin with punchy makeup, smoked out eyes and ruby lips maximising contrast. It’s a classic combination that goes so well with monochrome outfits, working well with a hint of red in the hair. The style is Truth’s Sienna 2, a bias bun with free flowing fringe that drapes to either side of the face for a wonderfully sultry effect.

I hadn’t heard of WetCat until the Pose Fair, but found they stock a selection of singles and couples poses that range from cute to quirky. I chose a few of my favourites from the model set, which has a selection of straightforward stands and sits as well as a few more expressive poses which can be shot at various angles with good effect.

Vest: Tyranny Designs, Done up top – London
Top: Fri.day, Longsleeve Scoop Tee – White
Skirt: Emery, Skirt Highwaisted – Black
Socks: League, Thermal Long Socks – Light Grey
Shoes: Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps – Black
Scarf: Miel, Thin Scarf – Coal
Ring: Random Calliope, Vintage – Onyx (part of a set)

Hair: Truth, Sienna 2 – Auburn
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyelashes: Glow Studio, Innocent Lashes – Pure
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 4 (cleavage)
Poses: WetCat, model 2, model 3, model 6, model 10


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