April 26, 2010

Era Undefined

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I wouldn’t profess to be an expert in bygone fashions but as one who loves playing dress up, creating something reminiscent of times past has a certain appeal; especially when there’s no pressure on particular accuracies. I’m sure the purists would shoot me – let’s hope their antique weaponry is less than completely effective.

I started with this top from Ingenue. As vintage specialists you can rely on a certain authenticity in design; the bodice is taken from a dress created for Trilogy as part of their 1940s themed event, and I love it for its defined lines both on the sweetheart neck and the angular cuffs on the sleeves. It sat well with this skirt from PixelDolls which I’ve had for some time – Nephilaine Protagonist’s skirts caught my eye from my early days in the metaverse, their style distinctive and really rather different to anything being produced elsewhere. This one is relatively simple, a-line with feathered netting layering to the back of the legs, a couple of short pieces sewn to the front on the one side.

The undertop is a laced cami from Perse which I used to provide a softer edge in line with the skirt trim. Fingerless lace gloves also suited the styling; these are from Xplosion and come as part of a multipack with a variety of colours. Seams aren’t quite exact and there does seem to be a glitch that appears on the elbows (a fleck of colour that shouldn’t be there): be aware my fastidious friends before you make a purchase. The issues don’t take away from the fact that these are really very pretty and can be layered up to cover the minor imperfections.

Accessories came in red, not least this beaded necklace from Lucas Lameth’s store. It’s an older piece now but the design is bold and textures still work: dull metal strings beads on three tiers with a central drop pendant, hoops and fixings creating interest along the way. The belt from Artilleri has been tinted a shade deeper to fall in line with the simple pumps I picked up from Fri.day, long, point-toe stilettos suitable for day or evening wear.

This hair and hat combination from I Love Olive was an obvious choice, the volumised bob framing the face with a deep coppery texture that is completely in synch with the colouring of Belleza’s Alyson skin. The little hat sits at an angle, peppered with shimmering stones and finished with a net overlayer that laps the edges with great effect.

To suitably glamourise the face, I chose dramatic lashes from Amacci. These are part of a recent release with ten styles to chose from, including some show-stopping feathered styles which would be ideal for an editorial or even fantasy styling. The Belle lashes worn here come in both black and tintable options to enable you to customise to your taste: they’re easy to fit and most definitely fun to wear.

Top: Ingenue (for Trilogy), Lucy Bodice – Blackout (part of a set)
Undertop: Perse, Lace – Red
Skirt: PixelDolls, Duchess Pearl Prim Skirt A – Antique (part of a set)
Shoes: Fri.day, Basic Pumps – Red
Necklace, Luc, Grazia Necklace – Silver/Bloodstones
Gloves: Xplosion, CrazyBuisness Gloves Long – Black (part of a set)
Belt: Artilleri, Snakeskin Sash Belt – Pink (tinted)
Cigarette Holder: No. 9 Nylons, Short Cigarette Holder – Ebony/Platinum

Hair: I Love Olive (for Vita’s Boudoir), Bella – Auburn
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Blue
Eyelashes: Amacci, Belle Eyelashes – Black
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 4 (cleavage)
Poses: Olive Juice, I like when we called them stewardesses
EverGlow, Model 184
!Avant, Model 02, Model 07


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