April 28, 2010

Road Trip

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I’m sure it’s a great diner but I’m really not that hungry… you go ahead, I’ll just stretch my legs out here a while.

The top is a new release from Twosome and comes in a plethora of colours, including three exclusive patterns for the Beautiful Bloom event. The strappy front falls into narrow pleats around the neckline, stretched tight to the body with a floral underlayer that protrudes beneath the hem. The back comes up high with a short line of buttons leading down from the neck: they’re hidden a little by the hair, but nonetheless a lovely detail.

I layered over a jumper from Sysy’s, which has options for a neck scarf and waist sash included. It’s a comfortable v-neck with lightly flared sleeves which gave this a little more of a bohemian feel and kept in with the jeans from Miamai. The exaggerated bootleg is rather fun and something a little different to the standard straight and slouch legs seen across the grid – shading is good throughout to give these a real washed denim look, and I love the seat (ever important when you spend a large amount of time looking at your back end whilst stalking the metaverse).

The shoes are from Ingenue, pretty bow-tied pumps with round toes and slim heels. These will add a touch of girlie goodness to any outfit, and while you can no longer get them in this particular combination, there are a multitude of colours to choose from in store, solids as well as with contrasting trims depending on your preference.

This look just screamed for a guitar case, and following recommendation from the lovely Sissi String I picked this one up from Sey. There are three sets available, each with 5 different texture change options and both a hand held and back-strapped version included. The case is well made and beautifully detailed, the fabric accented with leather straps and silver buckles.

Necklace and ring are from SiSSi; I just love this set, there’s something about the simplicity of the bent silver wiring that has huge appeal, not to mention the fact that it’s hugely compatible with almost anything you care to wear. I also put on a belt from Eolande which is a combination of chain and stone hoops, finished with an inverse pyramid of silver links to the very front. It’s unusual and the colouring is gorgeous, although you’ll find plenty of other options available in store.

Truth’s Tesa was my choice of hairstyle, an unfussy do with the hair pulled back from the face and clipped in a half pony tail, soft waves flowing over the shoulders and a little way down the back, with a wisp of fringe falling soft over the right eye. Auburn colouring complimented the colouring and makeup of Belleza’s Alyson, with dark eyes and natural lashes to finish.

Undertop: Sysy’s, Lucy Sweater – Teal
Top: Twosome, Floral Peek Layer Top – Red
Trousers: Miamai, 107 Jeans – Blue
Shoes: Ingenue, Lilium – Crimson & Blush (colour no longer available)
Necklace and Ring: SiSSi, Squarish Set – Light
Belt: Eolande’s, Stone Halo Belt – Labradorite/Silver
Case: Sey, GuitarBag – C

Hair: Truth, Tesa – Auburn
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Glam Affair, Celebrity 02
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 4 (cleavage)
Nails: Exodi, Maipedis – Nude
Poses: EverGlow, Model 186
GEEZ, 020
!Avant, Portrait Pose 2


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