May 1, 2010

Perennial Spring

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Gospel Voom and Elpis Oh are rocking my virtual world with their latest Docs polish release. I’m a huge fan of Gos’s Docs – with the ability to morph into three different shapes, simple resize and plethora of colour updates, you couldn’t ask for more versatile or wearable boots. I do believe Gos has succeeded in bottling a season and working the essence into leather: the latest Spring polishes come with five lush options, all with different floral themes and in vibrant colours. The colours just pop, bringing the detail of the primwork right to the fore.

If you weren’t already in lust you will be when you hear about the price. The polish updaters are usually $L300 but currently selling for a mere L$150 each as part of a limited time introductory offer. By the time you’ve factored in all the new texture, eyelet, stitch and lace colours, multiplied by the three shape options and done a merry jig on the spot… that’s a whole lot of new options for your Docs for not a lot of money.

In a decidedly summery mood, I picked out this sarong top from BOOM. With a bias cut hem and single shoulder support, the sheer material clings to every aspect of your figure, complimented by a length of material slung and tied behind the shoulder. A waist sash is also included as part of the set.

Beneath I’m wearing a bra top from Kissed by Lithium, part of a dress set that’s rather daring by itself but works brilliantly over shorts, leggings or tights. The bra itself has a little shine to the material, detailed with a coloured leopard print that will call attention all by itself.

Surf Couture recently released these denim shorts: Emma Gilmour has a veritable treasure trove of casual separates in her store, and whether or not you’re looking for beachwear, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. Denim shorts should be a staple piece for the run up to Summer, and these are nicely made with fine detail throughout as well as some well-fitting prim cuffs. I did have to stretch a little to fit my avatar but still managed to get a pretty tight fit all round without too much effort. Resize scripts are included if you prefer them.

Mandala have just done a huge release with multiple necklaces and even some piercings. The Kagetora necklace was an easy favourite for me, draped chains composed from metal hoops interspersed with pearlescent beads and hollowed stones. Mandala are notorious for the quality of their work, and I do love that you can find casual creations so well made.

When it comes to body shopping there are so many options that could work, but I went with a new release hair from Exile. This messy updo is wonderful casual fare, the fringe split on a side bias with waves cascading down either side of the face. The hair is pulled back into a high ponytail that hangs short and wide off the back, perfect for showing off your skin or the detail on a new necklace. Pulling everything together, the style is accessorised by a multi-strand hairband with diamond patterning; it’s texture change too so you have some leeway for matching to your look.

Belleza’s Alyson really compliments the outfit, a hint of mischievousness in those full lips that gives character beyond her youthful, freckled complexion. A smudge of blue shadow behind open lashes and bright, clear eyes highlights the face and completes the look.

Top: Boom, Summer Sarong Transparent – Pink
Bikini: Kissed By Lithium, Norvasc Leopard Bra – Pink (part of a set)
Shorts: Surf Couture, Shack Shorts – Classic
Shoes: Gos, Docs 8 Hole F – Nine (Fuschia Polish)
Necklace: Mandala, Kagetora Necklace – Blue

Hair: Exile, Carly – Cinnamon
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Green (shine)
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver/Pink
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 11 (cleavage)
Poses: Olive Juice, You Really Shouldn’t Drink Before Noon
Glitterati, 104, Headshot 4
EverGlow, Model 187



  1. isle lunasea said,

    Great look, love the shoes!! Thanks, I think I need them. All of them.

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Thanks, Isle, appreciate the comment 🙂 You do need them. All of them. They’re almost unbearably beautiful… fortunately I have a high gorgeousness tolerance. Hope you do too!

  2. Beulah Mills said,

    I have so many shoes/boots I kinda got fed up with same old same old but these – I NEED THEM – all of them in both lives

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      They’re really different, really fun and just beautifully made. Spoil yourself in SL at least 😉

  3. […] combined with all the colour combinations you can literally create hundreds of different styles. The latest Spring textures have been featuring strongly in my daily wear, working with everything from jeans to high-waist […]

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