May 12, 2010


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Anyone who photographs in Second Life will appreciate the irritation caused by stray prims knifing through your body in an otherwise perfect pose. While there can be many culprits, long hair has long caused issues, otherwise perfect shots needing touching up or reshooting all together when you realise you suddenly appear to have underarm bushes or bearded boobs as a result of a mis-tilted head.

No more! Katey Coppola has a knack for coming up with solutions to your posing nightmares as proven by her latest ‘Long Hair’ set release. All ten poses in the set are designed to keep your tresses outside your body, with everything from natural stances to those more lively and quirky.

They happened to coincide nicely with this week’s Truth release, which includes two long styles. I’m wearing Jana here, with pinned fringe poufed up on the head, long, flowing locks resting over the shoulders and falling long behind in a shapely curve.

Long hair and glamorous dresses work well together, but as I have a penchant for mix and match I’ve taken parts from three dresses from three different stores to create this particular frock. I should point out that all of these are quite lovely in their own right and worth picking up to wear straight out of the box.

I started with the bodice from one of Mischief’s new releases. Strapless with a dipped line to the back, this neckline works best with a cleavage skin for some real emphasis on your assets. Of course the eye should be better drawn to the elaborately printed cups that runch into the black banding beneath the bust. I’ve emphasised and shaped by adding a waistband from a dress from Lark.

The skirt is part of a dress from L’Abel. Puffing out from the hips for a wide shape, chiffon covers the lightly embossed silk which runs a floral theme in keeping with the bodice. The sheer overlay runs long over the hem, finishing above the knee with a softy ruffled edge.

For footwear I chose simple platforms from Pixel Mode – the Baby Ts come come in this plain option or are sold separately with an ankle sock if you prefer. There’s a wealth of colours to choose from, but I decided a classic black best suited here. The pump has an internalised platform with a break-neck heel to keep the height; the toe is a little blocky, contrasted by the sloping lines of the arch and heel. When I first tried these on I had a little breakage at the front – I had to make a minor adjustment to the position on the foot to fit properly, but there are demos available in store if you’re unsure.

Accessories from Miel complete the look. The chunky ring and bracelet have an almost woven texture to them, tension pieces with bands reaching around to press and hold the polished accent stone. The necklace comprises a warped crescent pendant with balanced sphere to the centre, leather strap crossing to the front with metal close behind the neck.

I also applied a hair band with blooming corsage which I tipped forward and tucked beneath the hair to give a different feel to the alice band this was originally designed as. It lowers the high hairline and adds some extra girliness to the look.

Bodice: Mischief, My Best Girl – Onyx (part of a set)
Waistband: Lark, Kwi-Ling Waistband – Raven (part of a set)
Skirt: L’Abel, Marion – Black (part of a set)
Shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby T Plain – Black
Hairband: Miel, AM Tulip Headband – Champagne
Jewellery: Miel, Ahi Set

Hair: Truth, Jana – Chestnut
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Blue
Eyelashes: Amacci, Allure – Black
Skin: Belleza, Elle BR Pale – 9
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: Glitterati, Long Hair 4, 5, 6, 7


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