May 17, 2010


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No one likes to be kept waiting.

Would he be taking quite so long if he knew what he was missing out on? This outfit is an ultra-feminine combination that started out with this slip dress from Felicia’s Fashions. This is a new to me store, but I was absolutely delighted with this pretty pink frock, detailed with floral border and a central bloom to the deep v-neck, supported by a string halter. It’s short without being indecent, and I found the skirt prim fitted easily and doesn’t war with the mesh layers.

Searching out a suitable delicate over layer was no mean feat, but I settled for this floaty cardigan from u.f.o. Sitting off the shoulder, it sits tight around the chest and down the arms, drifting from the waist with softly feathered front and underskirt in a similar style that runs long around the hem. A flower head is sewn to the left side as a button, the loop sitting loose on the open front. While it didn’t cause me any issues, do note that while you can resize the prims through a script they are no mod so you can’t tint or adjust the brightness. Your personal windlight settings will dictate how well the prims display.

If you find yourself kept on hold you can always resort to pacing, and you may find flat shoes are easier on the feet. This pair from Shiny Things feature contrasting trim and ribboned button accents set over the pointed toes; another button is attached to the heel, with the leather polished up to a shine. They’ll work just as well with trousers, easy to wear but a little more glamorous than plain ballet pumps.

Accessories were pretty simple, starting with these earrings fro YS&YS. Bronzed pearls hang from gold chains at varying lengths for a cluster effect, the colour emphasised on a backdrop of coppery hair. They sit well with this necklace from U&R Dogs which I have to rave about – while this may look like a fairly simple linked chain with extension to the back, you should be aware that it’s scripted with six different style options as well as a small number of colour changes on the stones. You can wear the necklace with double or triple strands as well as choosing the drop; few designers provide jewellery demos which can be very awkward if you’re trying to matching a neckline with the length on a wall poster. I love that this necklace gives several options. It makes it very flexible and a welcome addition to any wardrobe for its price.

While Belleza’s Alyson has been my preferred skin since it’s release, I’m wearing Elle more and more. Elle is a more grown up version of Alyson, taking also from Belleza’s Jesse. The body is beautifully drawn with masses of detail, careful shading and highlights giving the skin depth and lustre. The face is always key for me, and Elle is definitely beautiful, striking features defined with artistic makeups that (for me) are Tricky Boucher’s best to date.

Another of this week’s Truth releases, Paula is a casual updo, the fringe brushed to either side of the face with the bulk of hair pulled back to a loose bun that trails ends all around. As usual Truth Hawks has managed to create a very realistic movement and this is certainly one of the reasons I am such a fan. However well the hair is designed, if it’s completely static it feels lacking, although a hair that flaps around like reeds in the wind is similarly unappealing in my eyes. This has just right amount of bounce and flex, something those around you may not consciously notice but will definitely appreciate all the same.

Cardigan: u.f.o, Clarissa Chiffon Cardigan – First Kiss
Dress: Felicia’s Fashions, Nikki Mini Dress – Cherish
Shoes: Shiny Things, Romance Flats – Blush
Earrings: Your Skin &Your Shape, Pearls Earring – Dawn (part of a set)
Necklace: U&R Dogs, Meringue Necklace – Gold

Hair: Truth, Paula – Copper
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Brown
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Skin: Belleza, Elle BR Pale – 4
Nails: Candy Nail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver/Pink
Poses: Olive Juice, Itty Bitty Titty Commitee, Flirty Ruffles, Backed into a Corner
EverGlow, Model 182, 187



  1. Thema Felix said,

    Lovely look! I’m adoring pale pink right now.

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Chic and romantic – what’s not to love about dusky pinks? Thanks for the comment, Thema 😀

  2. Eliza Wierwight said,

    I came.
    I saw.
    I shopped.

    ~giggles~ Fayne these are sooooo girly girl and it’s rainy and I can almost feel cashmere ……..

    Yum. Again thanks for these remarkable finds.

  3. […] necklace is from a set by YourSkin & YourShape – I wore the earrings from this set in my Blush post previously. Pearls can be found in many jewellery stores these days, but it can be difficult to […]

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