May 31, 2010

Growing Pains

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It’s good to get out in the garden, but it’s even better if someone else has done already done the labouring for you.

Whether you’re planning on working the land or just working on your tan, these shorts from Pink Outfitters will serve you well. They’re taken from a romper set which is available in various colours, set off with an open-fronted belt tied with a ribbon sash running through oversized eyelets to either side. The shorts are expertly textured with gorgeous rump shading and lovely details on the cuffs; they’re rolled up and runched to string ties on either side for a very feminine finish.

The pulled top from Luck Inc is superb for layering. There’s a definite touch of mischief about it, but nothing immodest when used as an over shirt. Each top comes on all layers with pulled and standard options meaning you can buy two colours and work them together. If you prefer it, Luck Inc stock mini dresses of the same style which again can be paired with these tops or with one another.

I chose a bright floral under top for this look which comes from a dress set by Blue & Black Outfitters. Patterns and print really liven up your wardrobe and this is perfect for the Summer, running a low neckline with skinny straps to support.

Fallingwater Cellardoor is back with a vengeance, bringing us these adorable ankle boots. Ginger is expertly crafted in soft leather, low-heeled and round toed with embossed florals on the leg section. There’s masses of detail; three separate pieces of leather for each boot precisely stitched together, the back decorated with a loop piece that runs down to cover the heel seam. I love the shine on the leather and the caramel colouring – there are others to choose from, but when you’ve seen them you may find it hard to pick just one. Ginger comes with a wide or standard fit (although the boots are moddable anyway) and are 2.0 ready as well as being compatible with other viewers.

It doesn’t make much sense to accessorise too heavily if you’re working the land, so I kept it simple with this animal print scarf from Skin Flicks. It looks quite weightless, delicately knotted around the neck with very little excess.

For something a little different and to indulge my strange sense of humour, I’m also wearing a bandaid from Coral Chic. There are several packs on sale which all contain different colours and patterns on pants, socks and underwear layers to maximise options. They’re rather fun and won’t break the bank.

I chose a loose, sleek hair from Truth that’s one of this week’s releases; the hair pulls in a biased part to heavily cover the one side of the face and leave the other completely exposed. You’ll get some lovely angles in your photography, producing a very different feel from each one, and if you’re just wearing out and about then this beautiful do will likely win you some admirers with its curious drama.

Poses can really cement a style and here all credit goes to Katey Coppola and her new Swmsuit collection. While I recklessly disobeyed the directions for use, I hope you’ll agree that you don’t actually need to put on a bikini to make good use of these sultry Glitterati poses.

Top: Luck Inc, Open Buttoned Top Pulled/Tucked – Camel
Undertop: Black & Blue Outfitters, Sunday Brunch Dress – Liberty Print (part of a set)
Shorts and Belt: Pink Outfitters, Socialite Romper – Classic Yellow (part of a set)
Boots: Shiny Things, Ginger Boots – Camel
Scarf: Skin Flicks, Giraffe Print Scarf – Brown
Plaster: Coral Chic, Bandaid – Old Pink

Hair: Truth, Larissa – Pecan
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Skin: Belleza, Elle BR Pale – 9
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: Glitterati, Swimsuit 3, 6, 7, 10
Reel Expressions, Shoe Fair 07


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