June 23, 2010

First Train Home

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There’s never an engine running when you need one…

I have a penchant for corsets in both lives, and even if you’re not one for underwear as outerwear you can certainly appreciate these modest but flattering designs from Dreams. Boned throughout with a zippered front and interspersed argyle and ribbed panelling, these pretty tops are beautifully shaded to better sculpt your curves. A little seamage shows down the sides as you’d expect in a patterned piece, but it’s not something worth minding. Available on all layers and in dozens of colours and fabrics, you’ll find plenty of ways to work these into your wardrobe.

Beneath the corset is a shirt from Surf Couture. The blocks of colour work to full effect with the rest of the outfit, raised collar and cap sleeves in a chequered print offering a little more to the shape.

There’s quite a lot going on up top, so I kept the lower half simple. The belt is taken from a Luck Inc skirt, solid colour defining the waist, detailed with silver button studs to the front and a small strap similarly secured in the centre of the back. The Luck Inc skirts are very mini and I needed something a little longer for this styling, so I went with this piece from Happy Finds. The skirt is nice enough but does have some flaws – the prim flap doesn’t always sit as well as it might and isn’t detailed with the same sewn hem as seen on the leg. It’s inexpensive and definitely wearable, but consider yourself warned if you’re the finicky kind.

Nardcotix reopened recently and have a whole new range of open sandals in store, including this gorgeous stiletto. Set upon a glittering platform base, the toes peep out beneath the banded front, cinched to a central point with soft leather straps running back to secure the front of the foot. Another strip weaves up over the heel, threaded to the high back and run around the front of the leg, closing symmetrically on the other side. A floppy bow accents the back for a luxurious and feminine finish.

Nardya Rousselot’s Mana collection is as easy to customise as it is good to look at. The shoe HUD is tabbed into sections so you can quickly find what you’re looking for, with the ability to resize and recolour with a few button clicks. Searching for your skin tone is simple enough, although fine tuning is a precise art and will require you to enlarge the HUD (ensure you’re running in full screen) to accurately select your colouring. My favourite feature is the nail art, inexpensive and available in store from a multitude of vendors. It gives you huge scope for making these your own, and although I didn’t choose any of the palettes for this look, you will find a wide range to suit whatever you’re wearing.

Jewellery comes from Essentia and Mandala – an embellished chain necklace that sits tight to the throat, and chunky metallic bangles. I added this hat from glow for The Dressing Room. It’s extremely inexpensive and adds some refined glamour, angled to one side with a dipped top and double feather accent attached to the band. A little luggage seemed to suit, so I picked out a colour change bag from DCCXXII; it can be worn over the shoulder or on the hand, stuff sided with sturdy leather straps and metal fastenings.

To finish I chose hair by Truth which needs very little editing to tuck beneath your hat. A new release for this week, Bethany is a side-knotted ponytail with sleek pull back, hair kept off the face with silver hair pins. Locks break free on either side to provide some character with the fringe parted and pulled flat across the left side.

Shirt: Surf Couture, I’m a Little Bit Country – Stormy
Corset: Dreams, Argyle Corset – 32
Skirt: Happy Finds, Vintage Feel Lace Skirt
Shoes: Nardcotix, Mana Breezie Stiletto – Silver
Hat: glow (for The Dressing Room), Hat Black Chic
Belt: Luck Inc, Mini High Waisted Skirt – Alligator Army Green (part of a set)
Bag: DCCXXII, Bag 01 – Light
Necklace: Essentia, Byzantine Necklace – Silver
Bangles: Mandala, Pearl Rain Bangle – Silver

Hair: Truth, Bethany – Fudge
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Blue
Eyelashes: Amacci, Belle – Black
Skin: Belleza, Elle BR Pale – 12
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: EverGlow, Model 254, 236, 262
Glitterati, Headshot 8

Location: Karoastoff


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