July 2, 2010

Lonely, Not Alone

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It’s easy to miss the little things. But I think I have the necessary in place with this look.

Ivalde’s new collection has received massive coverage from the blogging community, but I blog what I like and it never hurts to think about new ways you can wear those things you already have in your inventory. This top is simply done, a cami styled with double layers of ruffles to the neckline, slight runching to the middle with a loose finish on the torso. As most of the detail is to the chest this also pairs beautifully with unbuttoned jackets and blouses, but for something extra here I paired with a belt from a top by MichaMi, which knots to the side and trails gently resting just below the hip.

Beneath I’m wearing a warm-weather jersey, set off the shoulder with three-quarter sleeves. It’s from a multi pack by Tres Blah, featuring creases and rumples throughout for a very realistic finish. Available on all layers and provided in a multitude of shades, you’ll love all the options you get for a very reasonable price.

I picked up these corduroy trousers from Kyoot. They’re pretty cute, set with zipper accents to the front, running tight to leg and flaring softly at the ankle. The prims blend pretty well considering the fine stripe on the texture; my only quibble with these is that the backside doesn’t have the depth of shading I crave to bring out the best in my virtual buns, but I suppose a girl can’t have everything she wants all the time. It would leave her nothing to aspire after.

The shoes are from Orange Creations, a sleek and sexy platform stiletto with a wrap around on the ankle that’s concealed by my trouser legs. The toe strap sits snugly across the foot, appearing cushioned, thickened by the buckle fastened to the top. Short bands pull to the base of the arch, the style elongating the foot back to the high heel. The HUD gives you three options for colour changing the sole, plenty of nail polishes and a good selection of base textures to tint to your desired skin tone.

I chose a few different pieces of jewellery for this look, but they all work with the various tones of the styling to bring everything together. The necklace is from SIGMA Jewels, featuring fine cuts of metal leafed from two lines that link back to the same chain about the neck. The detail is excellent and the colour change giving versatility to match to your outfits. I’m also sporting wooden bangles from Calla and a cocktail ring from Zaara.

The Emme hairstyle from Truth is so easy to wear, the hair swept into a side bun and strung with a trailing ribbon which can be removed if you prefer it. The fringe falls loose in waves down the right side, covering some of the face, although not enough to obscure this gorgeous makeup from Laqroki. I love how the eyes are shadowed in dual tone, colours you may not think would work together but bring a lot out in the style overall. The glossy lips compliment, with a soft shimmer to the body that is in keeping with the highlights on the prim feet.

Jumper: Tres Blah, Neato Sweatshirt – Green
Top: L’Abel, Neci Top – White
Belt: MichaMi, Fearne Belt – Beige (part of a set)
Trousers: Kyoot, Zipper Cords – Nutty
Shoes: Orange Creations, Mercy – Bistre Brown
Necklace: SIGMA Jewels, Eve
Bangles: Calla, Bangles Wood Two-Tone
Ring: Zaara, Raga Oyster Ring Pearl – Gold

Hair: Truth, Emme – Caramel
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Green (no shine)
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina – 03
Skin: Laqroki, Pearl Fair Glow skin – 09
Poses: Amacci, AFM95
EverGlow, Model 141, 162, 200

Location: Blueberry Hill



  1. So pretty hon… i love the sash it’s a really nice touch. Ohhhh nice clock! 😛

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