July 11, 2010

Hello, New Shoes

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This is feel-good footwear at its finest.

Gos has just released Espadrilles, a sensational platform wedge that will see you all the way through the Summer months and as much of the Autumn as you feel you can get away with. Set on a platform wedge, the espadrilles have a rounded linen toe with bow accent and ribbed trim. The heel joins with a woven panel featuring cut out detail and threaded wrap around ankle ties with floppy bow finish. These are gorgeously girlie, particularly in the floral prints available. There are currently 12 vibrant shades to choose from.

The details are stunning, everything from the lighting to the texturing is immaculately done and the fact that you can individually change the toe, bow, trim and ribbon make these even more appealing. Gos is certainly one of my favourite brands in SL; constantly innovating with new scripting, you’ll always find products to be uniquely modifiable in ways I’ve not seen anywhere else on the grid. Whether or not you utilise all the options available, the fact that they’re there means pretty much every taste is catered for. A bargain on the first buy with the update system allowing you to purchase additional colours for your Espadrilles for a mere L$100 each, you’ll find the more you pick up the more of your outfits you can match these with. That’s something any fashionista will appreciate.

I picked out a summery outfit to show these off, starting with a cute little top from Trubble. It’s part of a swim set, but I think it’s just lovely for layering. The v-neck halter has solid colouring to the top, but falls to a colourful panel that wraps around the torso, featuring long stemmed flowers and pink-striped leaves. The range of colours gives you plenty to play around with when accenting, picking out the pink tones in my footwear and the turquoise on the jewellery.

Over this I’m wearing a vest top from Zaara, belted just under the bust with a cropped ruffle hemline. It lies open to the front and back which means it will show off plenty of what you are (or aren’t) wearing beneath: it’s suggestive and irresistibly feminine, perfect for sexing up simple daywear.

The cropped jeans are from Gfield. The ultimate in casual chic, white rollups are dressier than a blue denim and will always come to your aid when you really can’t find anything else to wear out. This pair have nice detail with pockets, fly and belt loops to the waist, double seams down the legs and neatly turned cuffs. As it’s Gfield, you know you’ll be getting value for money too, so you might want to pick up some other colours while you’re down there.

I capped everything off with a pair of Gos’s Cateye glasses, which come complete with the Bloom spray updater, an exact match to your Espadrilles. I love how the colour pops against the clear lens and dark hair, although of course you can restyle the glasses using the on-touch menu options.

Jacket: Zaara, Maitri – Pearl
Top: Trubble, Teresa Swimsuit – White (part of a set)
Trousers: Gfield, Capri Jeans – White
Shoes: Gos, Espadrilles – Model
Glasses: Gos, Custom Eyewear v5.0b Cateye – Model
Jewellery: GaNKed, Arizona Jewelry Set

Hair: Truth, Lourdes – Fudge
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Skin: Belleza, Elle BR Pale – 17
Nails: Exodi, Sculpted Nails – Baby Pink
Poses: Glitterati, 093, 094
Reel Expression, Shoes 01

Location: La Cuesta



  1. Jema Pearl said,

    WooHoo!!!!! Love the Espardrilles, “fanbloodytastic! ” Congrats, Gos, on another wonderful, colourful, practical and very sexy design. Can’t wait to get me some!

  2. […] paired up with Gos’s Espadrilles, raved about in further detail here. If you like the shoe, it’s well worth the extra spend for all the colour options – due […]

  3. […] I do think it may be some time before anyone manages to prise Gos’s Espadrilles off my feet. If you buy the model version (fatpack) or indeed just a few of the colour updaters, you’ll quickly find these are versatile enough to accommodate your entire season’s wardrobe, and in the classic wedge style with weave backing and floppy bow ties on the ankle, it’s hard to find any daywear they won’t suit. For a more in-depth review and to see some of the other textue options, have a look at my previous writeup. […]

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