July 19, 2010

Cannon Fodder

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In case of emergency, your exits are… everywhere. Can’t promise the landing will be all too pleasant though.

The new Jackie Hammer set from Reasonable Desires provided a number of pieces for this look. The denim top is in a balcony style, straps drawing from a V shape at the back and running straight over the shoulders, buttoned down with enough detail in the design to give a suitably snug feel. The matching shorts have nice accents with the studs and belt loops but do have a slight bleed on the thigh – nothing that bothered me and to be expected with a crop like this. As you’ll notice these conceal the essentials are very little else, but they are rather lovely and could still be worn with tights beneath if your modesty is of concern.

I’m wearing a shirt from Coral Chic, available in numerous colours and patterns which are available on all layers and ideal for mix and match. With a low neck, the tops run to the waist with a softly sloped hemline at the stomach – worn with most garments it will appear tucked in and you’ll find the cropping visible only if you wear as a jacket layer or with low-rise pants.

Beneath this, a blouse from Chroamimi. In honesty the quality of this top isn’t all I hoped it would be, but it was inexpensive and worn beneath other clothing it’s still pretty. I love the puffed shoulders and the turned cuffs, defining the style with a feminine silhouette; the seams are rather apparent but don’t cause too much trouble when only the arms are visible as here.

The scarf is by Mr Poet and available at the ludicrous but marvellous price of absolutely nothing. Scripted to colour change, the sculpted scarf warmly ensconces the neck, ends meeting to the front and knotting loosely, the excess decorated with tassels on the edge.

Shiny Things’ Ginger Boots suited this look, in loosely fitted black leather with embossed florals covering the leg panels. A tighter version is included in each purchase, but these gelled much better with the socks and the rest of the style. I love the way the parts are worked together, clearly sectioned with flawless stitching to anchor each piece, right up to the loops at the back. Set upon a soft leather sole with a small and sturdy heel, these boots look like something you’d want to slip your feet into, comfortable casuals for all-day wear.

The baker boy hat is part of this new hair from Truth and can be colour changed on the cap and the band. Its nicely detailed with button attaches to the brim and a double cord running across the front, somewhat concealed here by the goggles I’ve added, again part of the Reasonable Desires set. The hair itself is an unfussy ponytail, loosely pulled back and knotted on itself, falling in gentle waves down the back. The fringe is drawn in two to either side of the face, quite concealing although you could always edit it to open things up.

Bra Top, Shorts and Goggles: Reasonable Desires, Jackie Hammer – Clean (part of a set)
Shirt: Coral Chic, Summer Shirt Basic Color – Grey
Blouse: Choramimi, Yururu ONP – Gray
Socks: Izzie’s – Toeless Socks – Grey
Boots: Shiny Things, Ginger Boots – Liquorice (wide)
Scarf: Mr Poet, Wide Scarf

Hair: Truth, Nora 2 – Almond
Eyes: Curio, Tragic Eyes – Hazel (no shine)
Eyelashes: Glam Affair, Celebrity 02
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 8
Poses: Glitterati, Action 7, 042
!BANG, Glitz 3
Reel Expression, Shoes 01



  1. Winner winner chicken dinner! And the scarf was free??? Score! Love this Fayne super cute!

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