July 28, 2010

Who’s That Girl?

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“The final mystery is oneself.” – Oscar Wilde

This shirt from DCNY is certainly one of my favourites due to its excellent textures and vibrant colouring. Shirts like this are really easy to wear, and the open front and rolled sleeves allow versatility with regards layering. The shirt is from a set which offers all layers plain as well as with bracers for another styling idea, working well with anything from jeans to pencil skirts. I wore a tube top from BOOM beneath, simple but effective in adding another block of colour.

The trousers are from Veschi. Loose fit clothing is never too easy to perfect in SL, but Alla Ruff has done a grand job here, the trousers holding tight to the bum with a neatly seamed crotch, the legs running wide to pleated cuffs with a slight flare. These will take a little tweaking to get them looking their best, but I only had to reposition the prims rather than any resizing and it’s really worth the minimal effort required.

Maitreya’s Neyya pumps will look good with just about anything, and in this brown leather they suited the outfit well. Stilettos with shiny uppers and neatly rounded toes, they’re a beautifully made shoe you can always come back to.

A key accessory this season is the straw hat and you really can’t get much better for your money than this one from Gos. Made with a close weave, the hat is set with a sash band that runs back through a turned ring, folded over the edge to drape long down the back. Some designers really catch your eye with their design skills, and Gospel Voom is certainly one of those, but what really makes Gos products exceptional is the customisation options. This single hat has some 675 possible combinations of wear made up of multiple options to change colours on the hat, band and toggle and the three choices of shape. I’m wearing it with the front flipped down which i think looks rather chic and mysterious, although I’d also suggest for some flirty fun you try it out with a facial expression HUD; I can guarantee grinning at people from beneath the brim will raise more than one or two smiles in return.

I’ve always been big on belts, and I especially like things that are a little different. This one is taken from a pair of trousers from Pink Outfitters, in a skinny style with double leather banding, with focal point of a heart-shaped buckle to the front. I love the harmony of tones in this outfit, still contrasting enough that everything is noticed, and the belt picks up on both the dark and light accents in this look.

For jewellery I pulled on bangles from a Fri.day set which are the perfect tone to compliment with a subtle sheen for added interest. The necklace is an oldie from Tekeli-li: with assorted rings tied to a leather thong that runs to several lines, its finished with a seashell pendant; there are various colour change options accessible through a verbal interface so you can tone to suit.

Hat: Gos, Floppy Hat – Scarf
Shirt: DCNY, Madeline II Shirt – Blue (part of a set)
Top: BOOM, Her Pleasure (sheer) – Powder
Trousers: Veschi, Jump Her! Wide Pants – Wheat
Shoes: Maitreya, Neyya – Brown Leather
Necklace: Tekeli-li, Melange
Bangles: Fri.day, Loop Bangles – Gold (part of a set)
Belt: Pink Outfitters, Director Pant Skinny Belt – Brown (part of a set)

Hair: Truth, Rylan – Latte (edited)
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyelashes: Glam Affair, Celebrity 02
Skin: Belleza, Elle BR Pale – 14
Nails: Candy Nail, 00 Basic Nail – Silver Pink
Poses: EverGlow, Model 294
/me, catwalks 04
Olive Juice, One Pieces Rule

Location: Atomic Island



  1. Oscar Page said,

    Señorita más fina…

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      You say the sweetest things in languages I don’t understand *grins*.

  2. My guess would be something along the lines of “that chick is HOT!” which of course she is ~hugs~

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