August 27, 2010

Dandelion Fluff

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There’s not much left of the Summer, but Miel have given me reason to draw it out a little longer with their gorgeous new Dandy release. The dress comes in two parts and there are options for solid or floral print versions – or buy the ‘uber’ style and get all colours interchangeably for maximum options. Dandy won me over with the fine details; the top is a halter style with pretty bow ties set on top of the shoulders. The skirt is sculpted with a petal-effect on the base, the layers pulling up on the sides of the legs. They’re detailed with baggy side pockets, tied with draw strings, the right side featuring a bouquet of dandelion clocks after which the set is named. There’s also a hand-held bouquet sold as part of the set, with a particle effect that sends seeds spinning clear from your hands at intervals.

The dress cuts rather low at the front, so I added a top from Twosome which has been a favourite of mine for some time. It comes in dozens of colour choices, with its pretty runched front and high back drawn to a close with a line of buttons; you can’t see here, but when worn long it has a little undertop that peeks through beneath which is really cute and goes great with jeans or a casual skirt.

For an extra girlie addition I picked out these sleeves from a dress by salt, tinted slightly to draw on the the colours already used in the outfit. Lace ruffles with ribbon ties, they’re simple but can be used to add an extra dimension to your looks.

The shoes are a new Ingenue release. The stacked wedge heels curve inward for a svelte feel, the narrowed edges broadening at the front to properly meet the pump sole. The leather uppers are simply made for a fresh feel, particularly in this citrus shade.

I’m wearing Tuli’s Audrey skin again, glamming up the base with one of the supplied lip shades. I chose the freckled version for this youthful styling; it’s well done with a uniform colouring and irregular but concentrated patterning across the cheeks and nose.

The whole face is lightened up by the bright eyeliner from Cheap Makeup. It’s part of a gatcha set, but I struggle with these infernal machines – I want that colour and I want it now! Fortunately the fatpacks are sold in store for anyone as impatient as I am, so I picked up every shade in this set for less than half the price I usually pay for a single skin. Yes you need Viewer 2 or a compatible viewer to use the new makeup layers, but it is worth the ugly, intrusive interface for the amount you will save on skins. The Cheap Makeup liners and lashes (yes, drawn on lashes that look decent – saves you time and effort getting your prims aligned) seem to work on nearly all of the base skins I already own, and there are demos to try out beforehand if you’re not entirely sure. Well worth a look.

Truth’s Nora style is the perfect finish, a casual hairstyle that manages to be both sweet and sexy. The medium length ponytail is loosely pulled back and drapes down the back, with a slightly off centre parting to the fringe that falls in loose tendrils on either side of the face.

Dress Top: Miel, Dandy Top – Flor Sail (uber version)
Undertop: Twosome, Floral Peek Layer Top – Blue
Sleeves: salt, Summer Romance Ruffle Sleeves (part of a set)
Skirt: Miel, Dandy Skirt – Flor Honey (uber version)
Shoes: Ingenue, Citron – Lemon
Necklace: Mandala, Kagetora Necklace – Blue

Hair: Truth, Nora – Almond
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Skin: Tuli, Audrey tone 1/br/fr – 06
Eye Detail: Cheap Makeup, Liner & Lashes 5 (Gatcha)
Lipstick: Tuli, Audrey t1 – Light 3 Matte
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: murakin, wedge loman
Glitterati, Swimsuit 10, Headshot 6, 072

Location: Vague



  1. I adore that coy expression you caught in the first picture… so you! LOL Awesome styling I love love love this one. 🙂

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