August 29, 2010

Vain as a Peacock

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Sometimes it’s fun to strut.

I started this outfit with a piece from the new Elymode release. The Estreia set is rather daring as a whole, but you can break it down and mix and match with your existing wardrobe. Elysium Eilde offers various suggestions in store for how to use the different parts. Some pieces are part-layered so you may need to be aware of that when looking at possible stylings, but the underbust corset is certainly versatile enough for pairing with skirts as seen here. Detailed with light boning and scattered star pattern, it’s slightly sheer so depending on your wear you may need to consider a carry through on the under layer to ensure a consistent colouring; I used part of a girdle from Maitreya, but in this instance anything black would have done.

In keeping with the celestial theme I used a bodice from a dress by Trubble to create the upper section. Little specs and stars decorate, the cups overlaid with a fine layer of mesh which creates an attractive translucency on the material and detail of the pulled fabric. The back is laced in pale thread; gold would have been a better match to the main but you’ll get away with it, I promise.

Peacock feathers make a very fine skirt, and if you want a few options on that basis then I can definitely suggest stopping by at tram. The boutique is small but offers some fabulous skirts and dresses, not least this froofy number sold as a set with two different options. I chose the bolder of the two with the large, eye-feathers overlaying the top and smaller plumes sewn in beneath.

The shoes are from Ingenue and some of my favourites from Betty Doyle’s collection. Lilium comes in a huge variety of colours, both solids and two-tones with unusual combinations like this teal and apricot. The round-toe pumps slide back onto a high, slim heel with a thick sole and inner trim providing extra detail. Butterfly ribbons placed at outward angles on the toe add interest and femininity to the look.

There are a number of peacock-styled jewellery sets on the market right now, but this look really benefits from something plainer. Boho’s turquoise stones made me all cock-a-whoop, striking in their simplicity with options for two or three lines of stones looping around the neck. The polished beads are simply strung between gold rods; the turquoise is to my mind the most striking, but there are a number of colours to choose from in store.

The skin and makeup are currently available at The Dressing Room. Tuli has announced that she’s working on the previous TDR line, Gina, for a future release in her mainstore, so we now have a line of Helena skills which will be available as limited editions with TDR’s usual rotations. Pale with prominent dark brows, Helena is an interesting mix and is currently sold with a pale pink eyeshadow and glossy lips. I added some bold kohl shadow from Glam Affair’s TDR release – you’ll need Viewer 2 or an enabled alternative to enjoy this, but it will give an extra lease of life to the skins you already own – topped off with some thick lashes from Calla and icy pupils from PixelDolls for a dramatic focus that holds well with the styling.

I really like some of I Love Olive’s short dos, not least Isa which is great for formal wear. Elegantly parted with swept fringe falling over the left eye, the bob has a soft wave throughout, curling inward with stray ends flicking up at intervals for a realism in style. It works beautifully with this peacock hair piece from tram, made up of a collection of feather tips combed over towards the head. There are three colourings available in store, and though not a precise match this one blends very well with the outfit as a whole.

Top: Trubble, Starstruck Bodice (part of a set)
Corset: Elymode, Estrela Underbust Corset – Aqua
Skirt: Fume’, Peacock Skirt – Big Feathers
Tights: Sheer, Tights 32 – Contrast Black
Shoes: Ingenue, Lilium – Teal and Apricot
Hair Piece: tram, Peacock Hair Accessory – C
Necklace: boho, Love Earth 2 Strand – Turquoise
Bracelet L: Summer Seale, Simple Bracelet – Black/Gold
Bracelet R: U&R Dogs, Anne Bracelet – Gold

Hair: I LOVE OLIVE, ISA Hair – Black
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Blue
Eyelashes: Calla, Whispy
Skin: Tuli for The Dressing Room, Helena – 01
Makeup: Glam Affair for The Dressing Room, Make-up Layer – 05
Nails: Exodi, Prim Nails V2 – Baby Pink
Poses: Olive Juice, Tee Hee, Tea Party Whore, Wall 3 (Sassy), Girlish Figure
Glitterati, Headshot 6

Location: Seraph City



  1. elysium said,

    love love love how you used the corset here. this is why i love what you do… you really know how to mix it up.

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      *Blushes* That’s a great compliment, thank you, Ely 🙂 Do love how you’ve made the set so easy to mix and match – more of the same, please!

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