September 10, 2010

Beguiled Again

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I’m innocent. In my own eyes at least.

Hair Fair 2010 is playing host to a wide range of designers: some current favourites, some fresh faces and others who we’ve known and loved but seem to have been quiet for a while. Decoy re-emerged recently with an offering at the Shoe Fair, and for the Hair Fair we have new releases including the adorable Leah. This static style has a long fringe obscuring one eye, the face framed by lengths of hair that fall before the pull back to an upturned ponytail. I love how the style graduates from back to front, tidy with a little carelessness lending character. Leah has a natural youth and sweetness to her but as a finishing touch I added a butterfly hair grip on available free from ByKay. It comes in various stone and metal combinations and can be worn with any do.

The outfit was inspired by some recent releases with the top actually comprising three parts, starting with an under layer from Hot Mood. The tiny halter neck covers only the essentials, the wrinkled material gathering around the chest but laid open to reveal plenty of cleavage. As a standalone this is ideal clubwear and there are various textures to choose from.

Over this I’m wearing part of a new dress from Broken Doll. I love the laced cups that run down to meet with the rich purple jersey wrapping the waist; the stretch lines are prominent although not overwhelming, and if you wear the whole set you’ll find the lower is cut to create a pretty bodysuit, giving you extra options for wear. My personal preference for this style was to add a ruffled skirt from Ingenue, numerous layers reaching wide and building up in a tutu style. There is an option provided to raise the waistline if you prefer, although this height suited better here.

The jacket was actually a freebie from the Ivanka Akina stand at Hair Fair 2010. It’s from a dress set, but this part alone is worth the visit. Cropped with a subtle ribbing across the whole, its decorated with an angular line of lace that runs all around the hems. It’s a flat clothing layer but still looks great with a variety of tops and dresses and for the price you really ought to find a place for it in your inventory.

Socks are from Izzie’s and sit perfectly with Gos’s Platform Pumps in their purple and black incarnation. These stilettos sit high on their raised base, artfully curved around the foot with their pinched backs, shown here with the buckle displayed although you can choose to hide it for a different look entirely. As all parts of the shoe are texture change to the dual tone you can wear these as a solid colour or as a mixture of the two; this really makes the shoes pop on your feet as well as offering unique customisation.

The jewellery is from Dark Mouse, although I’ve taken pieces from two different sets. The necklace and earrings are a new release with a creative take on the Fleur de Lis, the stylised lily strung as a pendant on a thick chain, set with an edged metal rosette. The necklace falls long, continuing to drop on the pendant with further embellishments wrought in metal and a large faceted gem, termed with a tassel that lies beneath the chest. The earrings are in a similar style, heavy sets with a focus on the gemstone pendants, clasped with large clips against the earlobes. The bracelet from the Abstract Extravagance set is cast from rounds of metal backing black and crystal stones around the cutout centres – the shapes are entirely congruous and the colours hold through the styling.

Jacket: Ivanka Akina for Hair Fair 2010, Black Lace Dress (part of a set, free)
Top: Broken Doll, Sassy Babydoll Dress – Purple (part of a set)
Undertop: Hot Mood, Waterfall Top – Silver
Skirt: Ingenue, Pivoine – Noir
Socks: Izzie’s, Toeless Socks – Black
Shoes: Gos, Platform Pumps – Purple/Black
Necklace and Earrings: Dark Mouse, Vintage Fleur Dis Lis – Silver
Bracelet: Dark Mouse, Abstract Extravagance – Mercury
Hair Clip: ByKay, Lady Butterfly – Amethyst & Silver (free)

Hair: Decoy for Hair Fair 2010, Leah – Copper Brown
Hairbase: Amacci, Hairbase Tattoo – Cinnamon
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Glow Studio, Innocent Eyelashes – Pure
Eyeliner and Extra Lashes: Cheap Makeup, Liner & Lashes – 6 (Gatcha)
Skin: LAQ, Tess2 Fair Glow Skin – 10
Poses: Olive Juice, Does this skirt make my butt look big?, Tymps
Persona, Nude 1

Location: Drowsy


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