September 12, 2010

Wear Gray for a Day

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There’s been a glut of events lately and while it’s meant we’ve all had to dig deep into our pixel purses I don’t think any one can complain about the quality of the shopping experience. If you’re going to spend the Lindens anyway, you may as well make sure they’re going towards a good cause, and Wear Gray for a Day is definitely that.

Sanura Snowpaw set up the campaign in SL to raise money for the American Brain Tumour Association (ABTA) after she lost her cousin to the disease in 2009. This struck a particular chord with me as my own cousin was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer when she was just twelve years old. After a year of suffering she passed away. The hardest thing for me to understand at the time was why, when she had first complained of headaches and sickness as an eleven year old, none of the doctors had taken it seriously, dismissing her mother’s concern and even suggesting it was some childish ruse to earn time off school. If they had begun treatment sooner, if they had been able to operate, would things have been any different?

Wear Gray is about raising awareness, but don’t let the name fool you into thinking everything on sale at the event is set to sombre shades. The Wear Gray sim is open now until the 25 September and is packed with fabulous and even frivolous fashions sure to raise a smile to your face, with donations of up to 100% going to the ABTA.

This sunshine yellow jacket from Izzie’s is undeniably eye catching, coming as part of an adorable set with loads of wear options. The jacket alone has a couple of possibilities, offered with or without the blue neck scarf which tucks neatly inside the collar; the design is simple but looks great on, and despite open style this seems to fit well even, working with my standard AO for the most part.

I don’t often wear T-shirts, but this ‘Foxy’ design from T Junction was too cute to turn down. Worn with the underpants layer provided it does cover more tummy, but the cropped look fitted a little better with the rest of my outfit. My only real quibble would be that there’s little definition around the chest, although you’ll find plenty of stretch lines and other shaded detail. There are plenty of other funny and cheeky designs available too.

Gym shorts from Broken Doll are part of the Wear Gray hunt. If you’re not on a big budget or if you just want to pick up some fantastic items for less, you can search for little gray ribbons in the designers booths. All participants are displaying a sign so you know where to look. Contents set to sale at just L$20 each and all the money goes to charity – some designers have more than one ribbon, so make sure you have a thorough around!

You can still pick up a pair of bargain Docs from the Project Donate sim. Sold for a fraction of the normal price with all money going to UNICEF, you can then ‘port over to the Gos mainstore and buy your choices of polish to recolour your boots. From furs to patterns, you’re bound to find something to suit, although some of my favourites are the original solid colours including this deep blue. It’s pretty tough to produce a realistic clean and shiny finish on a virtual boot, but Gospel Voom seems to manage it every time, offering reflective highlights and shading that bring his footwear to life.

These poses from No Strings Attached keep the mood light and are all being sold for Wear Grey. You can buy each set and click the prop to get a menu up to change the poses, with options to clown around with a red nose on, try out your juggling tricks or enjoy a spot of ballooning. Each variation is sure to raise a smile as well as more money for charity.

Jacket and Scarf: Izzie’s for Wear Gray, Wear Colour Jacket – Yellow (part of a set)
Tshirt: T Junction for Wear Gray, Foxy
Shorts: Broken Doll for Wear Gray, Gym Shorts – Red (hunt item)
Boots: Gos, Docs 8 Hole F – NINE

Hair: Truth, Lila Streaked – Auburn
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyelashses: Tuli, Audrey Lashes Tattoo – Type B
Skin: Belleza, Alyson Pale – 3
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: No Strings Attached for Wear Gray, Bozo, Bozo Balloon, Bozo Juggler
Glitterati for Project Donate, Long Hair 2 – 1

Location: UnderCity


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