September 16, 2010

Self Confessed Chocoholic

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There’s more to life than chocolate. Just not today.

My typical choices of hair colour vary from dark brown to red, but most of my Hair Fair purchases this year have been in brown tones. This rich chocolate texture from Magika definitely suited the theme of this post, and happily the style I chose is accompanied by a colour-change tie that also comes in a cocoa tone. Magika is featuring several new styles at Hair Fair 2010, but Kirsty was an instant favourite with me, the hairline high with fringe parted on a bias with wisps covering the right eye. The body of the hair is pulled back under the band, a few strands still flicking free, twisted into a large bun on the side. If you’re finding the fair a little difficult to navigate, the Hair Fair blog features a map of all the sims listing where each designer can be found – very handy if you’re fighting lag and already know what you’re looking for.

I visited Wear Gray again to pick up a few pieces for this look, starting with the Joell top from Elymode. Split into two sections with a cutaway neckline, the top can be bought in several shades, with options of reversals on the same – I’m wearing brown/red but you can opt for red/brown instead, for example. The tops are part of a pants set, but as Elymode pieces are very easy to mix and match you can incorporate as much or as little as you like into your personal stylings.

Joell fitted very well with two pieces from Luck Inc, an upper and lower section to create the illusion of a made to measure dress. On top I’m wearing the short sleeved cashmere sweater in brown – if you love mix and match then I seriously recommend fatpacking these and the longsleeved versions too. Extremely well made with their low, wide front opening you can easily slot them under and over things to create new looks, and due to the huge range of colours you can find exact matches to current wardrobe pieces or tones that easily compliment. You can see the same could be said of the miniskirt, with its ruffled hem and seamlessly fitted prim parts.

TuttiFrutti has a stall at Wear Gray which is where I found these uniquely patterned leggings. Be warned that these do cut really low across the body, not a problem if you’re wearing beneath other clothing but one to watch if you intend to use these as an outer layer. With hypnotic swirls patched in tones from pink to blue, these skin tight pants will definitely make your outfit that little bit more interesting.

The boots are from Perse, severely pointed toes peeping out from beneath the overlaid leg parts, seamed leather cases set with a line of buttons on the upper leg. They’re sold with four different options, with black toes and the option to remove the buttons for both colour types, so there’s the ability to customise to an extent. There’s a sale on right now so you can pick these up cheaply; there are some other nice pieces available so it’s definitely worth a trip to look around.

For finishing touches, I wore a beaded necklace from SiSSi’s and some bangles by SIGMA Jewels. The bracelets are sold at Wear Grey with profits being donated to charity; matching earrings are available and you can also find them in a copper and gold combination if you prefer.

I should also mention the makeup I’m wearing which I know I’ve raved about before, but I really think these are such a good deal and great fun to play with. Elysium Eilde has designed several makeups for each of the Tuli Jade skin tones – you do need to buy a skin base to work with these, but once you’ve made that investment it’s only L$200 for a each new look. My collection is growing on a regular basis and as much as I love Tuli’s original makeups I can assure you this is much cheaper than splurging on those every time. Demos are available in store so you can get a feel for these before you commit.

Body aside, there are also some fantastic home wares on sale at Wear Gray, not least several sets by what next. I’m displaying a combination of items here, and while they’re all very charming my easy favourite is the Chocoholic’s set, offered with animated mugs – with or without cream depending on whether you’re watching your virtual waistline – scrummy chocolate muffins and a wooden tray to keep everything neatly in place.

Top: Elymode for Wear Gray, Joell top – Brown/Red
Sweater: Luck Inc, Cashmere Top Shortsleeve – Brown
Undertop: LP Design, Diana Bodysuit – Black
Skirt: Luck Inc, Ruffled Miniskirt – Brown
Leggings: TuttiFrutti at Wear Gray, Froot Loops Ultra Low Legging
Boots: Perse, Pursay Boots – Purple Buttoned
Necklace: SiSSi, Pebble – Magenta
Bracelets: SIGMA Jewels for Wear Gray, Shandal bracelets – Wheat/Sea/Silver

Hair and Band: Magika for Hair Fair 2010, Kirsty – Brown Nougat
Hairbase: Amacci, Hairbase Tattoo – Brown Sugar
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Blue
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar – Regina 03
Skin: Tuli, Jade tone 3/br – 01b
Makeup: Elysium Eilde for Tuli, Jade Makeup tone 3/br – Antheia 2
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: EverGlow, Model 236, 339

Furniture: what next for Wear Gray, Artisan Bistro set
Chocoholic’s Set
Lilac Daisies Set


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