September 21, 2010

White Fog

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Rising fog, but no wind or rain. It’s a good day to be by the coast.

I started with a new piece from Bijou, an oversized sleeveless cardigan with tiered skirting. Lace tied to the top, there’s a slim opening running down the centre, the material flowing long from beneath the chest, stopping at varied lengths. It pulls up at the back around the bottom, similarly framed to the front. There is quite a width to this and you might need to look at something other than your usual AO to ensure hands don’t get lost in its folds, but it’s a lovely piece nonetheless.

Beneath I’m wearing a combination of a simple black camisole from Celestial Studios and a sheer blouse from Nymphetamine. The colour scheme is very simple for this styling, but the blocks of black and white help cement everything and because of the cut of the cardigan there’s just enough on display.

Tee*fy stock a great collection of patterned tights and leggings, like this monochrome pair with circular print. The discs are varied in tone and size, overlapping to create a really unique design. They’re pretty low slung so work better with longer tops or dresses, and can be worn with or without the socks provided to suit your look.

Boots are from J’s – they’re an older release so don’t offer an alpha layer, and as the invisis are quite big you may notice some glitching from time to time. Despite this they’re still very wearable, snub round toes drawing back to a stiletto heel with shiny leather finish. When you buy the long boots you also get a foot only part that can be worn with trousers, giving you some extra choice for wear.

I have a slight obsession with neck ties; this cosy scarf from Cubic Effect is still one of my favourites and has enjoyed a long life in my inventory. It sits wide around the neck and is distinguished from most other styles by its side-tucked tie, the excess falling on either side of the right shoulder. It’s modifiable so can be tinted and resized easily, fitting male and female avatars well.

Jewellery is by Illusions, two pieces from separate Orinthia sets. I adore Siyu Suen’s creations, not least for their intricate designs and customisation options. Most of the items at Illusions are colour change, and these pieces are no exception with plenty of choice provided. Orinthia follows a leafy theme, metal twisted into leafy vines that form the bases for each piece. The bracelet also features a cabochon gem, beautifully polished and framed.

Hair is one of Truth latest releases, Diana presented as a casual updo, hair loosely tied back with the hair bunched on a side bias. Loose locks trail around the face and flick up from the mass of waves behind. The style is provided in both solid and streaked colourings which you can tone as naturally or as wildly as you like.

Cardigan: Bijou, Lyrics Gilet – Gray
Cami: Celestial Studios, Trixie Tank – Nightfall
Blouse: Nymphetamine, Daria – White
Leggings: Tee*fy, Cirque – Night
Boots: J’s, Long Boots – Gray
Scarf: Cubic Effect, Stole – Gray
Earrings: Illusions, Orinthia Puro
Bracelet: Illusions, Orinthia

Hair: Truth, Diana Streaked – Chestnut
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyelashes: GARAGE, Eyelashes for viewer2 – 08
Eyelashes 2: Tuli, Audrey Lashes Tattoo – A
Skin: Tuli, Audrey tone 1/br/fr – 06
Nail: Exodi, Manipedis – Nude
Poses: Olive Juice, Girlish Figure
Glitterati, 011, Dressed 7, Jewelry 1
!AVANT, Portrait Pose 03

Location: Never You Mind



  1. Super cute! The styling is spot on and I love love love the location, lighting and poses. Awesomeness abounds!

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Never You Mind is such a fun place to look around, definitely recommend you drop by! Thank you as ever for the lovely comments 🙂

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