September 29, 2010

Long Grass

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Funny – it doesn’t look any greener this side.

I’ve picked up some lovely new clothes this week, and did particularly well at AOHARU. Among the new releases is this sexy silk blouse, unbuttoned to the chest and billowing open to the wide, fold-back collar. Once fitted it’s pretty AO-friendly for the most part; while no-mod it does feature a resize script, but if you’re considering wearing with other prim-based clothing you may want to make sure it can be modified to easily work around.

This coat from Cubic Effect is an oldie but a goodie, long to the body with a loose but close fit, puffed pushed back sleeves cocooning the upper arms. The original also features a raised collar which I’ve removed for this look; do be warned that this styling calls for a great deal of modding and fitting prims. As the jacket is no copy it can make it that little bit trickier, and you will need to spend some time editing this to work around the AOHARU blouse.

When I first saw these cropped trousers from LeeZu, I wasn’t sure I was entirely sold on the idea, but I must say they’ve grown on me and I do love the colours on this pair particularly. They appear to be a half-worn jumpsuit, the attached upper peeling back from the waist and hanging down over the backside, shoulder straps left dangling about the legs. Wearing with a slightly open or disheveled upper seems to suit well. The trousers themselves are cut from a fine-weave cloth, made in capri style with neat cuffs that finish just below the knee, and despite a cooler feel they can still be worked with seasonal looks, tucked into long boots or worn with socks or tights.

I accessorised with some simple but striking pieces. The blocky wooden bangles are from Zaara, embedded with silver wire and polished to an attractive shine. They compliment the earrings, part of a set by Miel, which fasten unusually in a ball-tipped cross that presses into the earlobe.

Gos’s Sentinel glasses are some of my favourites from the store, tapered arms creating strong lines to the face, supporting the block-edged frames that slope softly to the bridge. These can be worn as shades as well as glasses, with dozens of options for styles and opacity as well as the multitude of texture updaters to give you recolours for all aspects of the frame and lenses. Sentinel also features an intuitive engraving system, displaying your avatar’s initials on the side of the frame. Of course you can change the colour, font and the letters themselves to really make these your own.

Having spent considerable time sorting out my outfit, I didn’t really want to fuss with my hair too. This hairstyle from Tiny Bird suited my mood and the styling. A neat updo with thin fringe snipped into a feathered edge, brushed sideward to push it out of the eyes while still covering the forehead. A bun fastens behind the head, long hair pinned tightly to neat coils, with a colour change band to the front of the head that ties on the right with the excess trailing before the shoulder. There are a few colour choices available, but if you can’t find something you like you can easily tint the white option by editing linked parts and selecting the two pieces of material – I did this for the brown tone seen here.

Jacket: Cubic Effect, Suede Half Coat – Brown (edited)
Shirt: AOHARU, Basic Blouse – Beige
Bra: Insolence, Deborah – Beige (part of a set)
Trousers: LeeZu, Madison Pants – Rust
Shoes:, Dream Booties – Cream
Glasses: Gos, Custom Eyeware Sentinel
Earrings: Miel, Ahi Earrings (part of a set)
Bangles: Zaara, Ramya Wood Bangles – Silver

Hair and Band: Tiny Bird, Jailbird – Warm Brown
Hairbase: Amacci, Hairbase Tattoo – Hazelnut
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Tuli, Audrey Lashes Tattoo – Types A & B
Skin: LAQ, Tess2 Fair Glow – 02
Nails: CandyNail, 000 Basic Nail – Silver/Pink
EverGlow, Model 322, 333
!BANG, Be Right Back 4



  1. My favorite colors! Beautiful Fayne ❤

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