October 22, 2010

Change Your Spots

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You can imitate a wilder nature at least.

I picked up this smart-casual jacket from NINIKO a few weeks ago now and thought it was about time it featured in a look. Detailed with buttons, cuffs and side pockets, you’ll notice I’m not wearing the collar piece here – some jackets can be easily broken down and re-worked with scarves and sweaters, and this is a good example. You will have to content with the chest piece breaking a little in certain poses (the overlay of the upper section would have hidden that) but unless you have a particularly outlandish AO it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Beneath I’m wearing part of a Solange dress from the CFC event. Pretty in its entirety, here its low line neck offers some break up from the dark tones with exposure of flesh, and the gold piping ties in neatly with the tones of some of the other accessories. By wearing the dress glitch pants too, I’ve created the impression of lace extensions to the shorts which is another interesting touch for the outfit.

Shorts are from Zaara, an oldie but a goodie, simply made but with lashings of detail that make these a wardrobe must-have. Aside from the shading for creases you’ll find a golden cord running through loops around the waist to create a belt, with a trail of florals leading down the left hip.

I do love Tee*fy’s selection of leggings and really couldn’t resist the leopard print style worn here. The chocolate tones are beautifully seasonal and still wonderfully wild, highlights and shading drawing the eye without having screamed for attention. They slotted in well to these Miel boots with the slouchy sock tops, boot laces pulling loosely at the foot with leather splaying to either side, finished on a small heel with rounded, polished toe.

For accessories, I worked in some cutout gloves from TonkTastic, although the highlights from Ingenue and Acide! are worn around the neck. I started with the Ingenue cowl which is from an Autumnal set recently released; whether you wear it with the outfit it was designed for or throw over jumpers, coats or even teeshirts, you’ll find this really adds to your wardrobe and can be as elegant or casual as you’d like to make it. I draped with a scarf from Acide! to bring all the colours together, adding flecks of brighter tones through the leaf ornamentations – Acide! have several versions of this scarf in their mainstore, and a couple of others on sale for CFC if you want to check them out. Although they don’t show too well in this picture, I’m also wearing some earrings from Caroline’s Jewelry that are the perfect match for this look. They’re very dainty and come as part of a necklace set.

To finish, hair from Truth which is one of last week’s releases. Nadine’s an easy ponytail style with colour change hairband which pressed around the head and keeps the pull back smooth – you call also get this without the hairband should you prefer. A thick fringe is pushed back around the right eye, a thinner section pulled back to the left.

Jacket: NINIKO, Long Jacket – Black
Upper and Lace Tops: Solange for CFC, Holiday Dress Top – Black/Gold (part of a set)
Shorts: Zaara, Mitya Shorts – Black
Tights: Tee*fy, Leo-Pard Leggin – Brown
Boots and Socks: Miel, Far Boots – Solid
Cowl: Ingenue, Falling Autumn Cowl – Rust (part of a set)
Scarf: Acide!, Autumn Poet’s Scarf
Gloves: TonkTastic, Gloves Style B – Black
Earrings: Caroline’s Jewelry, Fall Flowers Earrings

Hair: Truth, Nadine – Almond
Hairbase: Amacci, Hairbase Tattoo – Nutmeg
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Emerald
Eyelashes: Tuli, Audrey Lashes Tattoo – A
Skin: LAQ, Tess2 Fair Glow Skin – 01
Poses: EverGlow, Model 344, 246
aDORKable, Diva 10

Location: Patron, Wilds



  1. Great outfit! Thank you for using my pose ❤

  2. I LOVE this one Fayne… you hit my sweet spot with the leopard print… it’s my precious 🙂

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Animal prints are so this season. You can go all out with your precious 😉

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