October 24, 2010

Father Lucifer

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When the voices in your head start purring it’s probably time to stop listening to them: although I have to admit that the devil on my shoulder is really rather persuasive.

The Hide & Seek sim is having a gatcha event right now and there are lots of items to play for from clothing and jewellery to candy carriers and shoulder pets. If you want your very own conscience kitties then you can try your luck on the ANAmations gatcha which features five different designs that also include a wizard, vampire and the rare ghost cat. They’re rather fun, so even if it’s not you usual thing you might enjoy a single play to see what chance determines as your holiday companion.

The sweater I’m wearing is from BOOM and is part of the same event. I really like it as it’s very understated despite a clear Halloween theme; a casual, long-sleeved hoodie with a silvered web spun right across the front. If you want to add more detail then there’s also a silver zipper that can be worn on the chest. This piece is BOOM’s rare gatcha prize, but while you’re playing for it you can also win some other colours of hoodie, a ghostly tee, Halloween themed bangles, earrings, socks and headbands (one shown) and a fabulous little spider ring.

Beneath I’m wearing two tops, the red upper part of a dress from LP Design and the black from a dress by Addict for the Call For Couture event. Both are cute designs when worn as intended and can be broken down easily to use in other outfits.

The trousers are also feature in Call For Couture and are from Royal Blue. These are similar to Marni Grut’s standard jeans but have leather knee caps for some added interest. The jeans fit well and are appropriately creased and shaded with a particularly attractive seat – always important (to me at least).

Can you keep up with all these events? I’m barely able to myself but manage to visit a few, and do recommend checking out the Tea Hunt if you haven’t already. All 22 black boxes are hidden together (mostly in clear view) in a very small area and cost a mere Linden each to buy. From kimonos to booties and pretty accessories you’ll find all sorts of gifts here and it won’t take much time or money to grab them all. I picked up these red leggings from tram which I’d already bought in several colours from the mainstore. These alone are worth the visit – you get buttoned and plain styles and you’ll definitely make use of both through the Winter. Tea Hunt runs until 30 October.

Shoes are new from SLink and perfectly co-ordinate with the hoodie. The black platform stilettos are wired around the heel on the left shoe, the metal woven to a web on the outer side. You can use the included HUD to change the metal to many different tones to get a good match to whatever else you’re wearing, from the brightest silver to brass and faded gold. If you’re a SLink group member you can currently get a discount on the black and orange pairs, so make sure you sign up before purchase.

Call for Couture is offering an abundance of fashion goodies, as well as those mentioned above you can also pick up this necklace  from WTG. It had a rough and ready feel to it, unsymetrical with chained tassels, beads and pendants slotted into the design. Despite this the necklace feels completely cohesive, different but not uncomfortably so, surprising and delighting with further beaded chain trails running to the back.

The hair is one of Truth’s latest releases and features colour change tips. You can choose from a number of colours or the original hair tone if you prefer to create a solid colouring – the dyes are all fun and can be used for dramatic effects or some tasteful high or low lighting depending on your base.

Sweater: BOOM H&S Gatcha, Park Life Hoodie – Black Web
Shirt: LP Design, Alyosha – Red (part of a set)
Undershirt: AddiCt for CFC, In Hibernation – Night (part of a set)
Jeans: Royal Blue for CFC, Padded Gen Denim – Night
Legwarmers: tram for Tea Hunt, Knit Legwarmer – Limited Color Red
Shoes: SLink, Tabitha Plateau Pump – Black
Headband: BOOM H&S Gatcha, Ribbon Headband – Halloween Theme 2
Necklace: WTG for CFC, Andromeda – B

Hair: Truth, Robyn – Fudge
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Cheap Makeup, Liner & Lashes – 6 (gatcha)
Skin: Tuli, Jade tone 3/br – 01b
Makeup: Elysium Eilde for Tuli, Jade Makeup tone3/br – Astarte 3
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Ruby
Poses: Posies, ANTM Ashley
aDORKable Poses for Second Style Island, Love or Vodoo? (with prop)
aDORKable Poses for Second Style Island, Come Voodoo with Me (with prop)
Long Awkward Pose, DQ Helping Hand

Props: ANAmations H&S Gatcha, Lucikat, Angelicat
Olive Juice H&S Gatcha, Trick or Treat Cauldron 10

Location: Virtual Decay



  1. Adorkable Peapod said,

    You’re cute, hot, festive and informative all rolled in to one ❤

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      *Blushes and scuffs her foot on the floor* Thank you. Sometimes I have good days 😉

  2. Khali Laguna said,

    ALL your days are good Fayne… especially all your blogging days! 🙂

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