November 10, 2010

Industrial Safari

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Sometimes it doesn’t take very much to make an impact.

There’s a definite ‘less is more’ feel to this styling, based around this fabulous dress top I picked up from Emery. There are so many colourful and interesting pieces to be found in sunami Beck’s store, so when you shop there you’re bound to find a few things to catch your eye. This is a recent favourite, the shift running long enough to work as a dress (a little resize may be required) or cropped a little to be worn with leggings and jeans if you prefer. It’s pieced together very well for continuation of the pattern across the prim, although the sleeves didn’t sit quite as intended on my shape. You can stretch and scale but I think they’re intended for a slighter figure to show their full draped form, so I settled for the angular cap sleeves over my shoulders which I think look just as good.

The GTFO Boots from Gos are fast becoming my most cherished virtual possession, offering vast scope for wear with everything in my winter wardrobe. Standing out with its half-leg height and lavish detail, GTFO is defined by its realistic textures and triple buckled uppers with lace up fronts. The boot can be bought as singles or as the 8 colour pack, which provides you with an enormous saving and the option to interchange colours on all parts of the boot as you see fit. There are some fantastic colour combinations and you can be as creative as you like with your stylings.

I picked dark accents for the accessories, my favourite being these recently released bracelets from BLITZED. I first heard about BLITZED on Tanaquil Beaumont’s blog – if you don’t already read her, you really should, she’s a fantastic stylist and also takes some very nice shots. The bangles have a real bite to them; leather straps and buckles pair up with plaited cords and metal beading for some edgy bangles that will work really well with grunge or rocker stylings. I’m wearing with some gloves from glow studio and a necklace from Fusion which seemed to suit the tone.

It’s not often that I go for such a light colour for hair, but sometimes it just works with a styling. Here I’m showing off my favourite of this week’s Truth releases in one of the new colourings; Macaroon is a very natural blonde with subtle high and low-lights that give it a soft sheen all over. I introduced a streak of a much darker tone for some contrast – you can pick from all of Truth’s usual hair tones for this option so you’ll easily find the perfect shade.

Dress: Emery, Dressy Top Zebra – 05
Tank: Luck Inc, Tanktop – Black
Boots: Gos, GTFO Urban Boot – in 8 Colours
Gloves: glow Studio, Dark Rider Gloves
Necklace: Fusion, Circles Double Necklace
Bracelets: BLITZED, Legacy Cuffs – Black

Hair: Truth, Nina (streaked) – Macaroon
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Emerald
Eyelashes: Cheap Makeup, Liner & Lashes – 6
Skin: LAQ, Pearl Fair Glow Skin – 6
Poses: Glitterati, 114, 115, 127

Location: Kronbelt



  1. Aaaaw Fayne! *blushes* Thank you. Coming, from you, it means a lot.
    I always read carefuly your posts, because you do something I totaly admire and am unable to do, which is to describe in detail the clothes and accessories. I often skip that part in my posts. I also like very much the fact you’re building your look around a theme and are looking for locations to enhance that look.
    Now, I have to go buy those boots, you totaly sold them to me, i just cannot decide on the color yet.

  2. Oscar Page said,

    ohai Blondie. 😛

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