December 18, 2010

Frosty Starlight

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There for all to see, if you’re only looking…

Even by starlight my feet are looking particularly fabulous cocooned in Gos’s seasonal Slouch Boots. The original boots were released a couple of weeks ago but Gos have just put out a festive quartet colour pack in the same style. The soft leather boots are calf-high, creasing down the leg and set upon a raised wood base with studded join surround and ringed harness detail about the ankle. I’m wearing them in red tartan, but you can also choose from green argyle, silver and gold; the metallics are particularly fun, perfect for accompanying your New Year’s Eve party look and generally good for adding some sparkle to your style.

As with the original Slouch you can texture change the leather, wooden clog (there are masses of texture options for the base), metal parts and strapped parts independently to make the look your own. The resize scripts allow for you to tweak height, depth and width to ensure a tailor-made fit to your shape for the most flattering look on. There’s no fuss with every option running from the on-touch HUD, giving you extras including show/hide of the G logo, invisiprims on or off and options for the boot fixer to integrate properly with your AO. Whether it’s beautiful sculpts, textures or features that interest you, the combined package makes these boots worth the Linden spend, and if you’re feeling full of seasonal generosity, they are giftable through the store vendors and via Marketplace.

Red’s one of my favourite colours at any time of year, but there’s certainly an abundance of it around the fashion houses at the moment. I picked up this belted skirt from R.icielli, selecting it as much for the a-line shape as anything else. SL skirts have come a long way from their origins – the oft-bemoaned system skirt and the gravity-defying tutu – and while sculpted skirts can be a little difficult to fit to certain shapes and can cut through with your AOs, they still look a darn sight better than they used to. My advice would generally be to size up a little, covering with a poofy top if the waist band really starts to sit too wide, and to go with darker colours if you’re conscious about how things blend as prim lines are invariably more visible on paler shades.

Up top I went with a floaty sleeved blouse from mon tissu, a newly opened store featuring the collaborative works of Juliette Westerburg and Emma Gilmour (owners of Tres Blah and Surf Couture). The collection is currently small but the shop demonstrates room for expansion, with feminine tops, dresses and skirts lining the shelves. This blouse features drawn beaded detail to the front with billowed sleeves that crop above the elbow. Here I’ve worn a bodice from Ingenue over the top to provide some solid fabric to accessorise, but you’ll find it’s pretty as a standalone too.

The scarf is from LeeZu, a flamboyant mass of material and beads draping about the neck. There are plenty of colour options for sale but this is easily the most dramatic, and the design is something different to the traditional knitted winter scarf so sure to get your noticed. With the fabric pooled around the neck, it drags to an arc front and back, weighed down by the contrast tassels set with wooden beads set along each strand.

The hairstyle from Truth is an older release, but one I like both for the bowed band and the contrasting tips option. Rather than running streaks of colour through the hair, Jackie allows for colour change on the hair ends, so you can add some subtle depth or dramatic flare to the look. The high ponytail sits comfortably around the ears with some free strands taking any harshness from the face, falling straight to the back and ornamented by a thick ribbon tie.

Blouse: mon tissu, So Boho Blouse – Black
Bodice: Ingenue, Tulipe – Noir
Skirt: R.icielli, Antonia Highwaist Skirt – Red
Tights: PL*UM, Trenca – Black
Boots: Gos, Slouch Boots – Festive 4 Pack
Earrings: LaGyo, Potas Earring (Happy Holidays Hunt)
Scarf: LeeZu, Miss Mara Scarf – Ethno Fire
Bangles: Mandala, Pearl Rain Bangles – Gold

Hair: Truth, Jackie – Chestnut
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: Glam Affair, Celebrity 02
Makeup: Elysium Eilde for Tuli, Jade Makeup tone 3/br – Astarte 3
Skin: Tuli, Jade tone 3/br – 01b
Nails: Exodi, Manipedis – Ruby
Poses: Glitterati, 143, 146
EverGlow, Model 206

Location: Baffle, Van


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