December 20, 2010

Song of Songs

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It’s a funny time of the year to be walking alone.

Bare Rose is one of those stores that I visit infrequently, but every time I pop in I wonder why I’m not there more often. June Dion’s store is bursting with inexpensive outfits with everything from fantasy to casual styles. You do have to sift through, but it’s definitely worth it to locate gems like this cropped jacket from the Snow Smile set. For less than L$200 you’ll get several entire outfits – recolours of the same thing – but since the items are also transferable you can either load up on options yourself or kit out your friends and alts. This fur-trimmed coat has a suede feel and comes complete with wide half sleeves, the open front ornamented with popper fastenings on thick leather straps. It’s cute and cosy, well worth the sale price alone although you’ll also get sloganed tops, denim shorts and sash belts for your money.

Beneath I wore Miel’s Lia Dress top again, this time in an olive brown colour. I love everything about the Lia ensemble, but this is easily my favourite piece with its detailed striped weave, low v-neck and crinkly cuffs. I paired up with a tank top from JANE to keep the chill off my chest a little more. I’m sure my mother would approve.

Such cool weather really demands a scarf, and while there are no shortage of wooly neckwraps on sale at the moment, you don’t always want to cover up completely. I opted instead for this necklace from je suis, a lovely little jewellery store bursting with exquisite beads and baubles. This piece is simply made from strings of beads wrapped closely around the throat with a single draped line to the base, scripted to texture change with dozens of options. The beads can be coloured in three separate sections or all together, enabling you to customise as much or as little as you care to – string and metal parts can also be toned to suit. It’s difficult to appreciate the options from the displays in store, but there is usually a customer service representative in store or contactable if you have any queries on the jewellery, so it’s definitely worth asking for a demonstration if you’re unsure.

The skirt I’m wearing is from BOOM, and comes complete with belt sash tied on a bias with a floppy bow. The skirt material has a tweedy feel and with three attachment parts the movement seems fluid and natural with most AOs and poses. The belt is recolourable with plenty of options, but I would suggest you make a copy of the main prim before you play with the features; there are tints available for the sash as well as several texture options, but once you’ve tinted the belt you can’t revert back to white, so all you can then play with are different shades of red, green or blue. That aside, it’s a lovely casual skirt and will work with a lot of different styles, so well worth picking up in a colour or two.

Riding boots are from mon tissu, long to the leg with defined sections and a double buckle detail on the wind-around strap above the toe and about the ankle. Set on a blocky heel and finished with a rounded toe, the leather boots are well textured and lit. Certainly beautiful to look at, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the fitting. They’re moddable so you can scale them yourself, but on a long boot it can be awkward to get the proportions right like this and moreso to ensure symmetry when you tweak the second. If you’re using alpha layers you have a little more scope, but the included alpha layer wasn’t long enough for my legs, which meant I either had to borrow another from a different pair of boots or make my own. It’s a minor qualm about the boots – they are reasonably priced and look great on, but something to be aware of before you buy as it’s difficult to tell from the demo.

To finish I chose a new release hair from Magika, which I love for its sultry waves and the way strands of the fringe drop down to cover the edge of the eye. Natalie is essentially a static do, and although there are a few flexis woven into the body to give a tiny bit of bounce, the movement is mostly apparent from the way the locks are styled. The attachable HUD gives options for resize and recolour of both the hair and the hat, with optional ‘hair chew’ which has become the Magika signature with all new releases.

Jacket: Bare Rose, Snow Smile Jacket – Brown (part of a set)
Jumper: Miel, Lia Dress – Caper
Cami: JANE, Intrinsic Tank – Truffle
Skirt and Belt: BOOM, Love Me Skirt – Hot Chocolate
Tights: Miel, Lia Socks – Cream 1
Boots: mon tissu, Provence Riding Boots – Chestnut
Necklace: je suis, Africain Necklace Short

Hair and Hat: Magika, Natalie Mirrored – Browns
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina 03
Eyemakeup: a.e.meth, Wet Eyeliner (thick & super lash)
Skin: LAQ, Tess2 Fair Glow Skin – 06
Poses: aDORKable Poses, Bag Lady 4, Poofy 8, Poofy 7

Location: embryo


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