January 3, 2011

Nude Under Water

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Look again.

The new Lorelei set from ICING immediately caught my eye when Miko Omegamu announced its release yesterday. What girl doesn’t love a little glamour in her life? Disguised as an elegant dress, Lorelei’s bodice features pleated silk cups with black panels to either side that extend the length of the design and surround the tops. Skinny straps support with a slim sash sewn around the ribs for extra detail. It drops to a pencil skirt which finishes just above the knee, but of course you don’t have to wear that indoors. Whip it off to reveal a vintage inspired bodysuit complete with suspenders and stockings. What a treat! Lorelei is currently available in purple in the Lucky Chairs at the ICING store, so if you’re a little strapped for cash you can stop by and see if you can win a set instead.

If you’re feeling the cold you can keep the chill off with a buttoned shrug from mon tissu. They come in a number of colours, but I opted for pastel blue here. It consists of three prim parts (main body and two sleeves) – depending on your body shape it can be a bit tricky to fit, as if you have a large chest it may end up sitting quite wide on the body. Nothing a quick chest-edit won’t sort, but be aware.

There’s nothing like a bit of shiny leather, particularly on your feet, so I opted for Gos’s Platform Pumps with this styling. They’re simple, chic and perfectly adaptable to whatever you’re wearing – I hid the ankle strap here and chose a single tone, but you can find dual colours in store with colour change on all parts so you can really customise the look.

Jewellery is all taken from the Soiree Set new out at Dark Mouse. This is best suited to evening glamour, particularly if you have a low-backed dress that needs accenting. Set in gold, the pieces mainly comprise large and small blossoms of pearl studded with deep sapphires to centre each bloom. The necklace itself is a reversed design, a string of pearls draped long down the back, weighted with a pendant featuring intricate metalwork between petal shape stones. The earrings mimic the pendant design for beautiful ornamentation against an updo or pulled back loose style as shown here.

Gloves are a little luxury I don’t think I indulge in often enough, but with the sale going on at La Maison Kaestner these seemed like an absolute steal. Sold in various colours with three lengths supplied in every pack, the leather gloves are simple but can add something special to your outfit. If you can contrast against your jewellery it will work to even better effect – a bracelet or cocktail ring will always make more impact when worn as such.

To top it off I wore Truth’s new Courtney style. It’s very similar to the other new release, Mariska, only cropped without the pigtail and flying free behind the ear on the left side. Flowing beautifully as you move, it’s difficult not to see the appeal – customise via the colour change pins and choose streaked or solid colours.

The clothes rail I’m posing with is from Glitterati and is the opening gift for the new VIP group. It will also be available in store, but the group joining fee is the same price and so it seems to make sense to sign up if you have the group space as Katey Coppola promises frequent goodies in the future. The Rack comes with ten fun and flirty inbuilt poses and an easy scripted system for adjusting your position against the prop.

Jacket: mon tissu, Loire Knit Shrug – Blue
Dress/Underwear: ICING, Lorelei – Nude
Shoes: Gos, Platform Pumps – Just Black
Jewellery: Dark Mouse, Soiree Set
Gloves: La Maison Kaestner, Leather Gloves – Black

Hair: Truth, Courtney – Expresso
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: L.Fauna, Lashes Tattoo – False
Skin: Tuli, Audrey tone 1/br – 06
Poses and Prop: Glitterati, The Rack


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