January 9, 2011

Fox in the Snow

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Looking for a place to shelter from the cold. Of course, it might help if I’d remember to wear my coat out.

As it is I’m only part wrapped up today, the look starting with a sweater that was part of a Happy Holidays Hunt gift. While the black does cover up a lot of the detail I really like the design; I’m a particular fan of the prim sleeves, which are pushed back up from the wrists, slouching casually in a way that’s rather different to much of what else I’m seeing on the market at present. Made to be worn as a dress, if you choose to wear this cropped you can layer up with other pieces using the underpants part to cover midriff.; the seam’s a touch visible if you were to look too closely, but as a freebie this isn’t an issue at all. If you missed the Salma knitted dress in the Happy Holidays Hunt you can still pick up the red version completely free in store – it is a Christmas Gift so I’d suggest being quick!

Overlaying the sweater I’m sporting Miel’s Elle tank, which comes in various colour choices for each tone (‘dark’ shown here). Everything’s built to work with the other components in the same set. You can of course pair with other Miel pieces for exact colour matches or mix things up with the rest of your inventory, but either way you’ll get value for money from the Elle set.

The skirt and bow are from mon tissu, taken from a party dress. The skirt itself runs in soft pleats out from the body, scalloped at the base with a lighter, ruffled underskirt just peeping through. Girlie and easy to wear, the only thing to be mindful of when wearing without the original top is that you will appear to be missing the belt which is drawn to the upper layers. I compensated here by editing a belt from Fri.day, hiding the buckle beneath the bow and using it to finish the line around the waist.

While it may have been better advised to wear thicker legwear, fashion overruled my sense of reason and I put on there cropped leggings from Nayar. They finish just below the upper line of the boots, so be mindful if you were thinking of pairing them with something different. Rose patterning is worked in among the wide fishnet, with low-rise top to ensure they tuck beneath whatever you’re wearing.

The boots are my trusty Burlesques from Gos, still a staple in my wardrobe. With satin uppers overlaid by black leather accents, the boots feature gorgeous curves that define your legs and detailed lace-up fronts with tied ribbons criss-crossing around the combination flat and hook eyelets. The satin and ribbons colour change, and you can get a custom fit through the easy to use resize menus that allow adjustment in every dimension. A stiletto heel may not be the easiest thing to snow-walk in, but the magic of the metaverse cares not for such things and you’re sure never to falter on any surface.

Accessories are minimal but mandatory for a polished finish, not least this crafty little handbag I found in the YomeShoujo shop gatcha. Having stumbled upon this in early December I immediately had a play, picking up a few colours for some friends as Christmas presents; I came back more recently to get one for myself, remembering how much I’d liked them. While shoulder bags can be a little awkward to wear with AOs, with a little adjustment I got this working quite nicely – posing with it was actually more of an issue! The bag hangs on a material chain across the body, set to one side with printed playing cards on the front. Sides are stitched loosely with twisted trails of two lengths hang from the base, finished with bright feathers. There are various designs and colours available and you can swap with friends if you get duplicates.

The scarf is from Miel, available in this plaid texture or alternatively a plainer style with floral patterning to the ends. It has several recolour options so you can make it fit whatever is in your winter wardrobe. The scarf seems to go particularly well with this new do from Truth; Pepper’s soft tendrils rest just in front of the shoulders, long waves cascading down the back, the bulk of the hair pushed tidily beneath the stretchy band that wraps around the head. The material accent is blossom-shapes with a button centre and can be hidden or colour changed with a touch of a button.

Finally to mention the pretty Zoe skin from Tuli which is currently on sale as part of Disco Deals – I think today may be the last time you can snag this for a bargain price of just L$99 so be sure not to miss out. Zoe has a soft face featuring several beauty marks, shimmering soft lips and wide, bright eyes (I’ve chosen to cover the dazzling teal eyeshadow with tattoo makeup here). This is the only tone available, but you can try on a free demo at the stall if you’re at all undecided.

Sweater: Purple Moon, Salma Knitted Dress – Black (hunt gift)
Tank: Miel, Elle Tank – Paprika Dark
Skirt and Bow: mon tissu, Party Dress (part of a set)
Tights: Nayar, Fishnet and Lace Leggings
Boots: Gos, Burlesque – Model
Scarf: Miel, Lia Scarf – Plaid
Bag: YomeShoujo, Bag – txt
Belt: Fri.day, Wide Waist Belt – Red

Hair: Truth, Pepper – Chestnut
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyeshadow: Kyoot, Feline Makeup – Wine Berry
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar, Regina – 03
Skin: Tuli, Zoe Fair/Brown Brows – Disco Deals
Poses: Glitterati, 091, 153, 158

Location: crtl shift h and FireGood



  1. Tracy Rubble said,

    Thankyou! That look is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Owly Indigo said,

    OMG that’s my house in the first photo! XD (btw location is crtl shift h and FireGood!!!, not Empyreal Dreams)

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Thanks, Owly, for some reason my landmark told me different! Will update on the post 🙂

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