January 17, 2011

Suffocated Love

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I have a new love and her name is Emma.

Tuli recently reopened after a complete revamp of the store, bringing us a wealth of new faces. A couple may be familiar to you having already had appearances at The Dressing Room, but most are completely fresh and you may well want to spend some time trying on demos and getting better acquainted with the girls.

After much deliberation I chose Emma with her soft, flawless face and wide lips that cut something of a smile on my shape without needing an edit. Tuli has changed the way she sells her skins, and now rather than individual makeups you can buy a reasonably priced pack of six for each skin tone. The pack also comes complete with cleavage boost tattoo layers, 12 lipstick options, a shape and eyebrow shaper, lashes and freckles. As all the options are on the tattoo layer these skins are really built for the official viewer which will all you to wear multiple tattoos at once, although of course you can still get a variety of looks using single extra tattoos on the six skins which all have different eye makeup.

I felt like a bit of glamour today so started my outfit with one of Mimikri’s newly released fur stoles. The fur runs long down the body, looping behind the neck with a front tied sash around the waist to shape and offer some extra security – well you wouldn’t want it getting up and walking away now, would you? As it happens, the pricetag (a mere L$200) suggests no virtual vixens were culled in the making of this beauty so you can wear it with a clear conscience.

As much as I love the Mimikri stole, I took it off for the second shot to give you a better look at the top of this gorgeous skirt from Vanitas Vesture. The Alchemist Skirt is all kinds of beautiful, flowing gently out from the waist and falling in sequinned pleats to a hemline just above the knee. It sits high on the waist with a runched band trimmed in pearls; they run lines to the top and bottom, the surround trailing down and across the middle and following all the way down the side of the skirt. SarahtheRed Aurbierre has created a fantastic piece, but taken it a step further by repeating the upper and creating a clothing layer waistband that can be interchanged. Buy your favourite colours in the skirt before trying your luck on the gatcha, and pick up belts to mix and match for personalised colour combinations or for wear with the rest of your wardrobe.

On my feet I’m wearing Gos’s Platform Pumps, this time in the Green/Black combination. The reason I prize these over most of the other platform slip-ons in my inventory is because of the options they give with their contrast tones. Wear them as solid colours or your own chosen blend of the two tones, and even select whether or not you show the delicate ankle strap or forego it completely. I’m all about options and these have plenty, including the usual resize, script deletion and dozen other extra features Gos always load into their creations.

Speaking of options, the jewellery I’m wearing is all by je suis and also features lots of colour choices to customise your look. You can change the metal and accents on both the earrings and choker (the two pieces are sold separately but if you wear them together the scripts will ‘talk’ and so you don’t have to set up each individually for your outfits) and scale to size at the touch of a button. The ring is from another set entirely but works in the same way: unfortunately there are no demos in store but you will usually find someone handy to help out if you have any queries. The Raye jewellery pieces are new, based around large, teardrop pendants with two stone-set outer lines and a metal centre strip. The necklace shown is the simplest version, but you can opt for one with two additional pendants if you prefer.

Stole: Mimikri, Fox Fur Stole – Black
Bodice: The Secret Store, Wild Pop Lady Bodysuit (part of a set)
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture, Wonderland Alchemist Skirt – Emerald
Belt: Vanitas Vesture, Hermetic Waistband – Charcoal
Shoes: Gos, Platform Pumps – Green/Black
Earrings: je suis, Raye Earrings
Necklace: je suis, Raye Collar – 1
Ring: je suis, Mysterious Ring
Gloves: La Maison Kaestner, Long Leather Gloves – Black
Bag: ORTA, Blake Clutch – Sea

Hair: Truth, Madeline – Copper
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Ocean
Eyelashes: L.Fauna, Tattoo Lashes – False
Skin: Tuli, Emma Fair br – 06 Slate
Poses: !bang, Freestylin’ 6
Olive Juice, Caress Myself
Glitterati, Swimsuit 10

Location: Tyranny



  1. Hot damn, you’re gorgeous! Wow that skin really is breathtaking. Great post! <33

  2. Hmmm false virtual fur… That reminds me of the chinesse with their false fur made of actual true fur cause synthetic fur was just too expensive. *winks*

    • Fayne Khandr said,

      Really? I’d not heard that, sounds like a failed excuse at justifying the skinning of unfortunate furry creatures. I must admit I tried to convince a fox to lay around my neck for a couple of hours while I went out that evening, but foxes are both stinky and uncooperative. A trip to Mimikri seemed to be the better option.

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