January 22, 2011


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“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” I’ve got new boots from Gos, and they’re certainly going to get me noticed.

The problem I have with majority of knee high boots in world is form. The shape isn’t right on the leg, the leather isn’t formed in a realistic way and the majority are also a nightmare to fit. Gos’s Burlesque raised the bar for me, but Curvaceous takes it to a whole new level giving you everything and more in a super sexy package.

Set on a platform base, Curvaceous is composed in a way that artfully reflects on the female form, lifting up for an angular arch that allows for an ultra high heel without deforming the foot shape. The curves are irresistible, running up the leg to create a beautiful line along the body that’s sure to leave them swooning. A wave runs down the outside of the leg, separating the boot into two sections that can be independently texture and colour changed. A set of buttons detail the upper, with a zip to the inner leg and compressions and wrinkles detailing about the ankle.

What do you want from your boot? Whether it’s shiny leather, suede or a mixture of the two, Curvaceous has you covered. Casual, club and sassy evening wear are covered as every boot has three heel change options; stiletto, chunky or wedge, so you can pick whatever suits your mood and style. Curvacous features the usual scale and stretch Gos fit options to enable a complete custom resize to your shape, and is currently available in 10 colours as singles, colour update polishes, or with a fatpack at a bargain discount price to allow for literally millions of combinations.

While I’m not wearing much else, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new Belleza skin, Erika. Available in six skin tones, Erika also has cleavage and blonde hair base options with 20 different makeups available and additional 8 tattoo layer lipsticks to mix up your looks a little. While I’m usually more about the face than the rest of the skin, dressed as I am it’s a little difficult to ignore the body which as usual has had a complete rework since the last female skin release. The back is particularly well done, with the most delectable bottom I’ve seen in a long time.

Erika and Elle (Tricky’s previous skin release) do have a lot in common with facial characteristics, but there are subtle differences that will certainly make it worth your time to take a careful look. Elle had different options with regards brows and base while Erika is definitely a fairer tone, also dictating the depths of colour in the available skin tones. Until 24 January 2010 you can buy the Erika fatpacks at a generous discount (L$5000 for each skin tone) or if you’re feeling a little strapped for cash you could always join the Belleza group for just L$250 and pick up the group gift skin to see you through until pay day.

There’s not much else I’m wearing, save the bodysuit from Hucci. It’s an exclusive at LeLook! and as well as being suitably sexy it’s also set at a very reasonable price so worth picking up while you’re there. It’s supplied on several layers so you can effectively adjust the sheerness of the material by doubling up, or of course you could wear with other things if you’re feeling a little more modest.

Bodysuit: Hucci for LeLook!, Circolo Bodysuit – Nude
Boots: Gos, Curvaceous – Fatpack

Hair: Truth, Roxana – Toffee
Eyes: PixelDolls, Avatar Natural – Chocolate
Eyelashes: L.Fauna, Tattoo Lashes – False & Underlashes
Skin: Belleza, Erika Med – 7
Lips: Belleza, Erika Med Lips – 1
Pole and Pose: aDORKable, Strip-a-doodle
!bang, Knee High Fashion – 2
Del May, Alternative Babydoll

Shot in: CLICK, The Runway Pose Prop



  1. Asia Romano said,

    Great post very descriptive and exellent boots 🙂

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