January 11, 2011

And Far Away

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The snow was starting to get me down so I moved to warmer climes.

I wanted to start with something colourful so I pulled out the jacket and scarf I found in an outlet of Peqe on the Euphoria sim. I understand the set is exclusive to this location and comes in four colour options of the same style. Open to the front with wood buttons on the side, the sleeves are rolled up past the wrists. The cowl scarf hangs loose to the neck, sitting over the raise of the padded shoulders. Be aware that the jacket may cut through if you wear an AO with a lot of shift on the upper body or the hips as it consists of just one prim for the main section; it’s similar to most prim jacket styles so you should be a pro at adapting your stance to suit. Read the rest of this entry »


December 20, 2010

Song of Songs

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It’s a funny time of the year to be walking alone.

Bare Rose is one of those stores that I visit infrequently, but every time I pop in I wonder why I’m not there more often. June Dion’s store is bursting with inexpensive outfits with everything from fantasy to casual styles. You do have to sift through, but it’s definitely worth it to locate gems like this cropped jacket from the Snow Smile set. For less than L$200 you’ll get several entire outfits – recolours of the same thing – but since the items are also transferable you can either load up on options yourself or kit out your friends and alts. This fur-trimmed coat has a suede feel and comes complete with wide half sleeves, the open front ornamented with popper fastenings on thick leather straps. It’s cute and cosy, well worth the sale price alone although you’ll also get sloganed tops, denim shorts and sash belts for your money. Read the rest of this entry »

August 8, 2010

Jade’s New Lustre

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I’m always dancing, even when I’m still.

Elysium Eilde was kind enough to send me review copies of a few of the makeups she’s made for Tuli’s Jade skins. If you appreciate vibrance, drama and something a little different I can guarantee that you’ll want to get yourself over to the Tuli store and look at these for yourself.

The sets are bold and will add a flare to any look you work them into – I’ll be sure to be featuring these again. I chose the Antheia 1 colouring for this look; you’ll need to be running Viewer 2 or a similarly compatible viewer in order to use these tattoo layers, but it’s worth your while to make a switch if you haven’t already. Read the rest of this entry »

May 10, 2010

Temptation Waits

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Clothing should always flatter your figure, and I love to find fashions that really put the emphasis on body shape.

This look was inspired by a recent trip to Bare Rose where I found this gloriously feminine blouse. With a ruffled collar that sits up around the neck and lies flatter to the front, the front is slightly open to the chest where it closes off with button fastenings. Print lines feature to the front and down the arms which end in flared, tiered sleeves. Read the rest of this entry »