January 22, 2011


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“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” I’ve got new boots from Gos, and they’re certainly going to get me noticed.

The problem I have with majority of knee high boots in world is form. The shape isn’t right on the leg, the leather isn’t formed in a realistic way and the majority are also a nightmare to fit. Gos’s Burlesque raised the bar for me, but Curvaceous takes it to a whole new level giving you everything and more in a super sexy package. Read the rest of this entry »


September 15, 2010

Sea Breeze

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Tied to the ocean but lost in the sea; better to enjoy it from a distance, perhaps.

I’ve been down at Wear Gray again where I spotted this slip style mini dress from De3oR and didn’t hesitate in picking it up. More often than not I layer pieces like this as long-length tops, but if you’re feeling daring this is a pretty standalone. With deep, wide neckline and thin straps which criss-cross at the back; the zebra-print trim on the hemline is a bold addition, not to mention the visible but not overpowering nipple detail. Read the rest of this entry »

August 25, 2010

Flood Plains

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The best thing about virtual boots is not having to worry about water damage. Or uneven riverbeds which might lend to stiletto-related disasters of untold proportions.

Royal Blue have just reopened and have a small collection of well-made clothing on offer. My favourite piece is this jacket which also comes with the option of spiked shoulder pads – not quite right for this look but nonetheless a creative twist to be appreciated. It has something of a satin finish, subtly lit for a good sense of realism. With rolled three-quarter sleeves and open front the jacket is perfect for layering up and will serve you well on the transition to the cooler months. As with most prim-part clothing you may need to tweak your shape and the jacket to fit, but it’s always worth a little effort to achieve a polished look. Read the rest of this entry »

July 23, 2010

Street Performer

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Consider this a whimsy with a hope to raise a smile.

I started with a striped top from Sugarcube. The cami is cropped to the waist but comes on all layers for ease of wear, set off with black lace ruffles running down a central line from around the neck. I love it for being something a little different; while the side seams aren’t perfect, you can always layer up to cover and just show the front if you prefer. I wore here over a simple long-sleeve top from Urbanity, attaching red bracers from League over the top. The League bracers are rather fun to work into styles, with options for the button colours and additional creasing around the fastenings which creates the effect of tension on the layer that is being supported. The only trick is finding shorts and skirts that lie at just the right height to match up. Read the rest of this entry »

June 20, 2010

Empirically Formed

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I fell in love with the Lyric dress from Evie’s Closet when I saw it at Etheria and have been impatiently awaiting the new colours to be released. While the other dresses are all beautiful, it was the dual-tone ‘Othello’ that captured my imagination and inspired this particular styling.

Lyric is designed as a fairy gown and comes complete with both wings and separate sleeves, neither shown here as I opted for a slightly different take. The dress itself is strapless with underbust detail by way of a corded belt, twisted around itself to provide a starting point for the skirt. Read the rest of this entry »